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New Release | Swiss Mistletoe and Macarons by @ameyzeigler #cleanromance #sweetromance #newrelease

Title Swiss Mistletoe and Macarons

Author Amey Zeigler

Genre Clean Romance

Publisher The Wild Rose Press

Book Blurb

Baking enthusiast Livi Hanson never misses Jean-Marc’s online videos. Hoping to save money for pastry school, she agrees to nanny over Christmas break in Switzerland for generous overtime pay.

To expand his audience, pastry chef and internet star Jean-Marc Dobrinsky scores a contract for a network TV slot with one caveat: he needs an attractive co-host who equals him in the kitchen.

When she’s invited to bake with Jean-Marc, Livi must prove she has the culinary chops, and Jean-Marc must put aside his pride. Can they rise to the challenge, or will it flop?


She was cute in her plum-colored sweater and jeans. She was American pie, not sophisticated crème brulée.

She smirked. “And I thought you noticed my accent.”

“I did...amongst other things.” He looked at her clothes, then back to her face. “Friend of the American bride, I take it?” He nodded toward Lainey, the bride-to-be greeting friends in the corner.

“Actually, the groom. Yves is my cousin.”

Jean-Marc raised his brows. Yves was an old school-mate who grew up in Vevey. “Ah, yes, his mother is American.”

She dipped her chin in a nod. “My mother’s sister.”

Before she recounted her genealogy, Jean-Marc searched for a different subject. “You seem to have discriminating taste. What do you think of our little preparations?” He held out a hand toward the table spread with his and Alexandre’s work of more than three days.

“Your petit fours are passable but a little soggy.” She pinched the air. “Either you used too much sugar glaze, or you let your fillings soak through the cake.” She curled her lip. “Quite frankly, I expected better.”

Soggy? Did she know who he was? Anyone who knew anything about pastries either knew of his show or his cookbooks. “I am Jean-Marc Dobrinsky. Perhaps you’ve heard of me. I have a show, Passionate Pastries, on a popular streaming channel.”

She jutted out her chin. “Never heard of it.”

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Author Biography:

Amey Zeigler is an award-winning author of romantic comedies and mysteries. Her laugh-out-loud Rom-Com, The Swiss Mishap, won third place in the OCCRWA's Book Buyer's Best for Contemporary Romance. Her ten years of theater training in college and high school inspired her to narrate her own books. She spins stories with humor, charm, and heart, often with a dash of action and adventure. When she's not writing, she is teasing her three kids, globe-trotting with her husband (for book research of course!), or trying new things.

Follow her adventures on Instagram @ameyzeigler.

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Unknown member
Dec 01, 2021

Aw thank you! I love Switzerland! Ans these characters are great! ❤️❤️


N. N. Light
N. N. Light
Dec 01, 2021

Thank you, Amey, for sharing your new release with us! I just started reading this one and it's so good.

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