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The A to Z book series by Noah William Smith improves your quality of life #selfhelp #quotes #books

The A to Z book series improves your quality of life

Book #1

Title: How to Motivate Yourself in 15 Minutes

Author: Noah William Smith

Genre: Self Improvement, Self Help, Motivational

Book Blurb

The punchy non-fiction book is filled with useful ideas and approaches to motivate yourself. Would you like to experience feeling more motivated and only have a few minutes available? The easy to implement concepts will work for you. How to Motivate Yourself in 15 Minutes is the first book in the A to Z book series which enhances your quality of life.



If you don't look after your health now, your health may not look after you later. Your health refers to your physical, mental, emotional and other types. Depending on your circumstances and often your age, people sometimes take their health for granted. It might be that you are looking after your physical health, but not after your mental health.

Please take a few minutes to think about your health. Think about how you have been feeling and listen to what those inner voices are telling you. If you are feeling frustrated or disappointed then maybe that is a sign that you should invest more in your emotional health. If you invest more then you will develop better coping skills and tools.

This means that you should explore your emotional life and better understand your emotional needs. Where your emotional needs are not being met, come up with ideas on how to accept this and to let it go. Since you are unique and complex, you need to self-reflect and invest in yourself. The more self-knowledge you gain, the easier it will become for you to know how to actively protect and look after your health.


To increase your motivation, you need new insights every now and again. For some people this is an "ah ha" moment after reflecting on a situation.

There is often information overload and this can be overwhelming. New insights refer to knowing what information to apply to yourself and how to best apply it. Through self-reflection you will discover new insights about yourself which will enlighten you on your emotional, interpersonal and other needs.

The better you understand what motivates you, the easier you can structure your daily life accordingly. I am motivated by the quality of food, beauty and being independent. As such, I spend more money than average on food and I look at beautiful photos of nature to motivate me. To discover what motivates you internally, write down the things that make you feel good or search online for a test to help guide you.


Joy is that feeling of contentment in your heart. When I feel good or when I want to feel good, I always literally place my hand on the left side of my chest. I see that as a reminder to myself that I must always pursue joy and I must preserve the joy in my heart.

Take a few moments to think about the things that bring you joy. For many people it is the smile on their child's face. For others it is a dog that makes eye contact or a cat that comes to say hello. Think about what gives you joy and capture those moments with photos - when you look at those photos it will always make you smile.

To serve others is motivating as the joy from others is contagious. Also, knowing in your heart that you have helped someone, makes you feel special. The best feeling to have just before you sleep at night is the feeling of joy as it keeps you warm inside. Always be on the lookout for opportunities to spread joy or to create joy as those moments give energy which lasts a lifetime. Such energy can be highly motivational.

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Author Biography

Noah William Smith is an author of self-improvement and self-care books. The books are aimed at anyone who wants to improve their quality of life. While some books appeal more to experienced people or professionals, there are motivational books which also appeal to younger adults and young people. His style of writing is to the point and respects the reader's time - hopefully 30 minutes with a Noah book offers a high quality experience.

Noah is highly observant and he spends most of his time thinking, writing and reading. In his free time he enjoys conversations with his wife about anything and everything in our lives. He loves relating to people and improving the quality of their lives.

He starts each day with a big cup of strong coffee, a thick skin, an open mind and a grateful heart. The dogs are the first ones awake in the morning and they wake him up to say hello and play.

You may contact him at Thank you for your time and happy reading.

The A to Z book series improves your quality of life

Book #5

Title: How to Become Emotionally Smarter

Author: Noah William Smith

Genre: Self Improvement, Self Help, Psychology, Mental Health

Book Blurb

How to Become Emotionally Smarter is Noah’s fifth book and it is a charm! Especially this one looks and feels emotionally captivating! With a focus on improved mental health and building emotional maturity, Noah guides the reader to make wiser emotional decisions and to feel more emotionally secure and safe.

The depth of his emotional understanding coupled with thought provoking questions, leads you to new insights about your emotional life. The knowledge gained helps you to enhance your emotional skills and to live a more fulfilling life. Would you like to learn how to feel lighter in your life?



Should you have a sibling, does your sibling respect your emotions? For example, does your sibling allow you to experience your emotions or do they bring you down and judge you? We stay with our siblings for many years growing up so there is plenty of time to establish emotional skills.

During childhood, do you recall that when you were assertive with your sibling, they would often understand you better afterwards? Recall a time when you did not see eye to eye and you decided to clearly vocalise your view to your sibling. When you were assertive, you would feel brave and confidently express your rights. You would feel calm inside as you knew it was the right thing for you to do. Some personalities are naturally assertive, however many are not!

Should you not be assertive enough with others, they may walk all over you. Some may do it deliberately and others may do it without realising that they are harming you. During adulthood, some of us believe it is selfish to put ourselves first in relationships. Cultural norms may also sometimes require us to place ourselves second as we should comply with the wishes of our elders or traditions.

Aggressive personalities demand that we behave according to their wishes or deal with the consequences afterwards. An attitude of "My way or the highway" is not assertiveness as it cares about one person only and that is selfish. Assertiveness cares about both parties involved as it cares about the health of the long-term relationship where both parties should compromise.

When you assert yourself, you may tell someone something that they may not want to hear at that moment. They may be disappointed and you may see it in their facial expression. Disappointment is a reality for everyone and cannot be avoided. Should they understand you, they would accept the temporary feeling of disappointment. They would know that you needed something else in that moment and that your relationship with them remains strong.

By pleasing people and not pleasing yourself, your self-worth may suffer over the long term. Before you say "yes" to someone to avoid the discomfort of saying "no", first consider whether "yes" is really the right answer for you. "Yes" may feel easier at the moment, but the consequences over the long term are often greater than saying "no" in a friendly manner.

By basing your responses on what you know is right for you as opposed to how you think someone may feel or their facial responses, you show respect for yourself. By asserting yourself, people learn to understand you and they form reasonable expectations. By not asserting yourself enough, people may expect things from you which are not realistic and sustainable. People may expect you to complete responsibilities which they are actually responsible for!

Responsibility creep happens in all our relationships at some stage, especially at work. Responsibility creep is when your number of responsibilities continues to increase, however you are not rewarded for taking on more. You take on more to support others through a difficult time or to temporarily fill a gap, however before you know it, it feels like this behaviour is expected from you. Consequences of responsibility creep are that others do not adequately develop and grow themselves which result in frustration and sadness for them. By being assertive, you lessen your load and you care about each person's development and wellbeing over the long term.

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The A to Z book series improves your quality of life

Book #7

Title: You Own Your Life

Author: Noah William Smith

Genre: Self Improvement, Affirmations, Success, Motivational

Book Blurb

When you feel like you own your life, problems truly feel small. When you own your life, you choose whether you want to be independent or dependent in any given situation.

Since it is clear why you want to achieve certain goals, you feel it is all worth it. Daily setbacks and unhelpful opinions make you smile because you appreciate that humour lightens the mood and makes you feel better.

Do you want to learn how to feel like you own your life more?



Your dreams make your heart beat faster and make you feel happier! When you were a young child, you decided that the purpose of your life was to achieve your dreams and to have fun! Dreams are like hidden gems inside of us which internally fire us up during the day and get the best out of us.

Reality may have taught you that you need to hold on tightly to your internal dreams to motivate yourself daily. Since nothing good comes easily, you are willing to work hard to make your dreams come true. Since we attach our lifelong identity to our dreams, our dreams contain the keys to our heart.

Since a dream is still a dream and not true in reality yet, we should share our dreams with dreamers only. A dreamer is someone who can see potential where others see problems or nothing at all. Should you share your dreams with someone and they criticise it, stop sharing because you want to maintain momentum and confidence in your ability to achieve it one day.

Since you want to feel excited when you think about your dreams, you should only ever associate positive energy and affirmative messages with it. Since dreams live and breathe in a universe of endless possibilities, you should keep your mind open and expansive. You should create an environment in your mind for your dreams where your dreams may breathe clean air and flourish.

My dreams flourish when I see pictures of beaches and mountains. I have a bucket list of the most beautiful beaches in the world and our honeymoon was at some of those beaches. During daily life, inspirational movies and books also foster a healthy environment for our dreams. Music may also inspire us to keep our minds open and believe in our dreams. Dreams have an energy of their own and they feel most alive when they receive care and attention!

Do you appreciate that dreams should live in their own world and not in regular daily conversations with others to keep them feeling electrifying, powerful and limitless? Do you daydream enough and smile while you think about your dreams? Do you have enough inspirational pictures or quotes readily available to dream some more every day?

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The A to Z book series improves your quality of life

Book #10

Title: Fresh Quotes About Life

Author: Noah William Smith

Genre: Quotations, Applied Psychology, Motivational

Book Blurb

Fresh Quotes About Life contains Noah William Smith's original quotes about our life experiences. It is the tenth book in the A to Z series which aims to improve your quality of life. The books may be read in any order.

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. Noah thinks that a quote is worth a thousand thoughts and feelings. Quotes capture the essence of our human experiences and often help us to understand how we connect and relate to each other.

Those special times when a quote feels like it came from your mind and heart, it reminds you how much we all have in common. Quotes are timeless.



Above all else, how you make someone feel is all that counts. Twenty years from now, they will still remember how they felt in your presence.

As with other things in nature, it is neither mine nor yours. It is for all of us and we are meant to appreciate it and share the beauty with each other.

At the end of the day, you are a little bit older, but you also know a little bit more than yesterday.

All that matters in life is love and oxygen, but we sometimes forget what we really need.

Actually the experience is more memorable than the outcome as neither winning nor losing is memorable.


Begin by doing what you feel you should to please others if you believe it may lead to more freedom in future, so that you may then do what you want to do.

By going after what you think you want in life, you learn what you actually need.

By acknowledging that life is fragile, we learn to appreciate the present moment.

Balance in life is not achievable every day because focus takes time, however you should be aware of imbalances and correct it over time.

Before I start this day with a can-do attitude, I want a cup of espresso with some brown sugar and just enough cold milk. It refreshes my soul.


Clearly life wants me to be more patient as everything comes together and falls into place at the right time.

Controlling each moment is unrealistic, but wanting a sense of control over the direction of your life is realistic and motivating.

Can someone please tell me why some people think that genuine kindness is weakness and not strength of character?

Can you please take a road that leads to happiness as the other roads are blocked with traffic?

Can we agree that wanting to agree with others is not the best way to connect with them?


Dear Life. Thanks. You have been my greatest teacher and I thank you for your patience with me.

Do as you wish because no-one else is going to do as you wish.

Do you realise that you feel most alive when you take action rather than wait for someone else?

Dreams give me hope and reality gives me resilience.

Damage is beautiful, especially when you realise it is more unique and characterful than a perfect untouched masterpiece.

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