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New Release | The Creator’s Descendants-Tristania by Allici Edragal #yalit #fantasy #fantasyromance

Title The Creator’s Descendants - Tristania

Author Allici Edragal

Genre Young Adult/Fantasy/Romance

Book Blurb

Althea's journey continues, leading her to Intruvi - The country of Alchemists. Fighting alongside the rebels and her allies, Althea will face her first battle to bring down the other Descendant forces, and free the capital Tristania from general Kruguer's corrupted army. However, sometimes the enemy is closer than we imagine.


Chapter I – The Diviner

Joseph Greyston POV

One more sleepless night. One more calamitous vision of what was ahead of us.

It was already the fourth night since we had departed from the island of Venus toward Intruvi, and the fact that no conflict had happened so far between Dominic and Abel was a good reason for me to feel blissful and give myself the pleasure of relaxing at least a bit. Yet, that feeling sure did not last long.

My powers as a diviner were far from perfect. Sometimes, my visions were too confusing for me to try to make some sense out of them. Other times, I could only see blurs or hear unclear sounds. A pure lucid vision was rare and only happened to me when something was as certain as the weather changes or when it was related to her.

I was as young as 13 when the waters of Libra blessed me with impeccable health, a robust physique, and the ability to see beyond normal human eyes. At that moment, I had the feeling I would be able to change the world, change the destiny. The reality, however, soon hit me hard when my family was brutally murdered right in front of my eyes, whereas I stood there, helplessly watching it.

If I couldn’t even save them, what was the purpose of those powers? Why should I see the future if it was all inevitable in any case?

And then, one day, I saw her.

A small young girl, with dark hair and a unique aura. Her arms and legs were trapped by chains and her face covered with an iron mask. Though she seemed weak and vulnerable on the outside, I could immediately feel who she really was. What she really was.

“The Heiress.

Day after day for the next years I kept having visions with that little girl. Not only I could see her future, but also her past and glimpses of her present. Crystal-clear visions, all related to a single girl. I knew then what was the reason of my powers and how should I use them to free this world. I was the one who could free Althea and guide her to destroy the other Descendant.

But, after successfully meeting and rescuing her, the visions became more constant and somewhat confusing. Even if they were still lucid, the future seemed to change often, as if the destiny of that girl was not yet defined.

And now, while lying in my room in Destiny, once again I could see the ceiling losing focus and the space surrounding me getting distorted.

Dominic. That was the first face that appeared in front of me. He was in a desertic landscape, covered in blood and holding chains in his hands while staring at the horizon with serious semblance. I was having a vision about the future.

Everything around me got once again distorted, refocusing on the young girl lying unconscious. Even with her face covered, I knew immediately who she was, but it didn’t make sense. It appeared as if Dominic had hurt Althea and was taking her somewhere by himself.

The scenario then blurred and changed to what appeared to be a rebel refuge. I could now see myself, together with Abel and Dominic, desperately searching for something. Or someone. This scene was happening in parallel to the first one, but I still could not understand it. How could Dominic be in two different places at the same time?

I started meditating and focusing my whole energy on my powers. If I wanted to have more information about what I was seeing, I would need to drain myself until I could gather all the pieces of that timeline. I felt difficulty to breath when, at last, my vision was again clear. I was back at the refuge, but this time, there was an unknown man, drinking some kind of potion. I couldn’t see the man’s face, but what shocked me was the fact that his body started changing until his features were the same as… Dominic’s.


That man then left the room and started walking around the corridors of that place, searching several rooms in his way, while covering his face with a scarf. The vision then flashed forward, showing again the man with Althea, and guiding her to the outside of the refuge.

It all made sense now. That man was using alchemy to change his appearance and take Althea to the enemy. She was in danger.

I took another deep breath. I could feel myself reaching my limit. But before that, I needed to see how that future could be changed and what would be the correct decision to take. With that, I started listing the options on my head of what I could do next and seeing if there was some variation in my vision.

The first option was to tell Althea about it. However, nothing changed. I thought then about choosing a different location for our meeting with rebels in Intruvi. The vision then changed, but the result was the same: The man still managed to take Althea away.

After a few minutes that felt like hours for me, I was running out of options. Was there nothing I could do to change that future?

Then, an idea that appeared to be too radical came to my mind. Immediately the vision became blank. The next thing I saw was Althea sitting in a room, reading a book. That was it. That was the way.

My head was almost bursting when I jumped out of bed, completely covered in sweat, and breathing heavily. Abusing my powers always took a toll on me, but this time it was especially worse. After hours of recovering, I managed to get up and go look for the others. I had to tell them about my vision, and I had to instruct Dominic to do his worse.

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Author Biography

Wearing the pseudonym of Allici Edragal, the writer started the Epic Fantasy project "The Creator's Descendants" as a web novel, which is now published in Ebook and paperback format.

Though the author published in the past materials in her native language, The Creator's Descendants is the first series written primarily in English, creating the challenge of exploring new writing techniques in a different language.

She was born in Rio de Janeiro and is currently based in Poland.

When not writing, she can be found with her pets, playing piano and violin, or reading a book!

Social Media Links

Instagram: @allici_Edragal

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N. N. Light
N. N. Light
22 dic 2021

Thank you, Allici, for sharing your new release with us!

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