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The Duke’s Forbidden Love by @dlmartin6 is a Binge-Worthy Festival pick #regency #romance #giveaway

Title: The Duke’s Forbidden Love

Author: Debra Elizabeth

Genre: Regency Romance

Book Blurb:

Miss Amelia Beckwith should be over the moon with happiness when the Earl of Lincoln proposes. Unfortunately, the handsome earl is not who he appears to be in public. She is desperate to escape Lincoln’s cruelty and has only one option left to leave the nightmare behind—RUN. Racing back to his estate during a horrific thunderstorm, James Harlow, the Duke of Warwick, spots a young woman walking along the road when a bolt of lightning startles her. She tumbles down the ravine and lays like a broken doll at the bottom. Warwick rescues her and with the help of his staff, and nurses her back to health. There’s only one problem—the woman who has captivated his heart has lost her memory and cannot tell him who she is or where she comes from. Can he find out the identity of this delicate beauty before fate steps in and ruins everything he loves?


The May evening was warm, and the moon cast bright beams across the space. The garden was lovely, and Clara inhaled the scent of freshly tilled earth as they walked along the path. She would make a point of visiting the garden during the daylight hours as well, now that she was feeling better. “It’s such a beautiful garden.”

“My father designed it for my mother. With the roses in bloom, it reminds me of them and a happier time in my life.”

Clara didn’t want to ask any prying questions. If he wanted to share more about his family with her, silence would prompt him more than anything else. She reached out and touched the velvety soft petals of a yellow rose just beginning to bloom.

“Those were my mother’s favorite,” he said.

“They’re truly beautiful.”

“Not as beautiful as you, Lady Clara.”

Clara swung her gaze to Warwick. Had she heard him correctly? Had he called her beautiful? She wasn’t sure. His voice had been quite low, and she could have imagined the words. Not wanting to embarrass herself, she switched topics and looked skyward. “So many stars tonight. I can’t remember seeing them so clearly before.”

Warwick stepped closer and caressed her cheek before brushing his lips against hers. “You are the brightest star of all, my dear. So very beautiful,” he whispered, kissing her again.

Clara shivered at his nearness. She wasn’t sure if she’d ever been kissed before, but Warwick’s kiss was perfect and she longed for more—more closeness, more kisses, more Warwick.

“Are you chilled?” he asked, shrugging out of his jacket and placing it on her shoulders.

She pulled the jacket closer around her, relishing the warmth of him and inhaling the lingering sandalwood scent. “Thank you, Your Grace.”

“Forgive me,” he said, stepping back. “I should not have kissed you.”

Clara stared into his lovely gray eyes, darkened with desire. “No apology necessary. I enjoyed the kisses very much.” Would he kiss her again? She wished he would, and she took a step closer.

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What’s the first binge-worthy book you read and why was it a must-read?

When I was a teenager my father gave me a copy of “The Mists of Avalon” for my birthday. That book was amazing and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve read it. It became even more special because my dad had written a short note on the inside page. To this day, that book has a special place on my bookcase.

What makes your featured book a binge-worthy read?

The Duke’s Forbidden Love is the story of a young woman who could not reconcile herself to marry the man her father picked for her and it made do a desperate thing without thinking how she would survive. The unknown was better than marriage and she showed great courage. Young women in the era had no power and were at the mercy of their fathers.


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Author Biography:

Debra writes sweet romance in contemporary romance and historical romance. She enjoys telling stories and has been pouring out her passion for romance since her teenage years. When she's not writing, she enjoys working in her garden, motorcycle rides throughout New England with her husband and playtime with her granddaughter. She enjoys hearing from fans and you can contact her at: She is also the author of the blog, Two Ends of the Pen. The blog features all things books--author interviews, new releases, guest posts and reviews.

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N. N. Light
N. N. Light
Aug 07, 2020

Thank you, Debra, for sharing your book in our Binge-Worthy Book Festival. This looks like another great Regency. I can't wait to read it!

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