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The Earl’s Error by Kathy L Wheeler is a Kobo Plus Bookish Event pick #koboplus #regency #historicalromance #romance #giveaway

Title: The Earl’s Error    


Author: Kathy L Wheeler


Genre: Regency romance


Book Blurb:


A powerful man. A desperate mission. Even he can't control everything.


The Earl of Kimpton is a powerful man, used to getting his way. So when his ex-mistress waylays him on the street with unwelcome news, he's in a quandary on how much to share with his countess, Lady Kimpton, Lorelei.


The miscommunication between them turns deadly, and soon the Earl is on the most vital mission of his life—one that has Lorelei's life hanging in the balance. Can he save her before it's too late?




From the seat across, Ginny leaned forward, snatching her by the shoulders, and shook her. Again, she said, “Lorelei, listen to me.”

Lorelei forced herself to focus on her friend, clinging to her words as a lifeline. Yet the roaring in her ears refused to subside.

“Breathe,” Ginny spoke quietly. Her manner was confident and matter-of-fact. Hysterics crawled up Lorelei's spine, gripping her by the throat in an unusual urge to giggle. Ginny speaking quietly. “Breathe, Lorelei. You must breathe. You cannot faint. Do you hear me? I cannot carry you.”

Yes. Yes, I hear you. The words wouldn’t squeeze past the constriction. Breathe, she needed to breathe. Lorelei fought to pull in air, but the pain was too great. She tried again. And yet again. Each attempt helped, and the roaring lessened, until she could distinguish the sound of rain from her erratic pulse. Prickles in the form of ice tripped over her arms, and her fingers began to tremble. The tremble moved up her arms, to her neck, and over her scalp, until her teeth began to chatter and wouldn’t quit.

Ginny’s hands were warm on hers. “We cannot know for certain it was your… your h-husband, Lorelei. You must pull yourself together.”

“B-but you heard—”

“Yes, I heard what they said, but that was merely speculation.” Ginny dug a lace handkerchief from her reticule, and the cold attacked. She shoved the scrap into Lorelei’s hand. “Dry your eyes, dear. We shall see this through, whatever it is.”

Lorelei buried her face into the scrap of linen. What was there to say? Ginny was right. Lorelei moved a hand over the pain in her chest. She strived for the calm she was renowned for. She would know. She would know if Thorne were dead. She would feel it, in her heart.

As they pulled up before Kimpton Manor, Ginny grasped her hand and squeezed. A true friend. The door swung back. Once Andrews helped them out, Ginny hurried them ahead and through the open door Oswald stood before. “Tea, Oswald, and brandy.”

“Very good, my lady.”

Ginny guided Lorelei to the parlor and planted her in a chair near the fire just as the knocker pounded from the hall.

“We should get the door.” Lorelei rose on shaking knees. “O-Oswald’s i-indisposed.” Her teeth chattered embarrassingly.


“W-we m-must.” Lorelei reached the foyer the same instant as Bethie.

Bethie rushed to her side. “Ye’ll catch yer death, ye will,” she chided.

The strength to override her bossy maid had waned. Her body’s wavering from hot to cold and back threatened her ability to stand. “The d-door—”

“Never you mind. I’ll git it,” Bethie said, pulling it back.

A strange man stood under the portico with his hat in his hand. A tarnished shine of metal on his dark-blue coat winked in the harsh candlelight of the foyer. Each detail touched Lorelei’s sluggish mind. His coat was worn to the point of being threadbare. His gruff features: squinting eyes, a chin badly in need of a razor. The candles in the chandelier flickered wildly. He spoke, exposing rotting teeth. “I’m Constable Davies—” The sight should have terrified her. A constable didn’t belong here. Her conscious self couldn’t seem to grasp the absurdness of such a silly thought, instead leaving her feeling… otherworldly, until ghost-gray eyes appeared just beyond the greasy hair of his head.

Her knees gave out, and she sank into a swell of blackness.


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What makes your featured book a must-read?


Suppose I let a reader tell you why this book is a must read 😊 from Kobo readers


“This book was an intriguing mixture of heat, romance, suspense, mystery, violence, misunderstandings and even elements of depravity. I definitely had trouble putting the book down to do mundane chores like cooking dinner or going to bed. Although the start was a little slow with a series of misunderstandings that could have been cleared up quickly with honest communication, the story and plot evolved into a tense read with ultimately a happy ending for the main couple. Both Lorelei and Thorne were engaging characters but my favourites were the Marquis of Brockway and Lady Maudsley’s children Cecilia and Irene. If you have an aversion to any kind of violence then I would definitely recommend that you skip this book but you will miss a wonderfully written and enthralling story. Some, but not all, of the violence was directed to less than savoury characters and when it was directed to an innocent it was heart wrenching and emotional. I love a book that engages my emotions and this story did that in spades. This novel left the reader with many questions and mysteries still to be answered and I am really looking forward to the next book in the series to explore some of those queries. “

by Anne Dorsay


“I couldn't believe all the twist and turns this book has. Just when you think the story line is finished there is another "riddle". You want everyone to be happy and safe.”

by Mae


Giveaway –


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Open Internationally. 


Runs March 5 – March 11, 2024.


Winner will be drawn on March 12, 2024.


Author Biography:


Kathy L Wheeler writes historical and contemporary romance and has hit the Amazon Best Seller list several times over. In the face of danger, her heroines save themselves, their heroes just need to be there to catch them… after the fact.


Her many passions include the NFL, Musical Theater, travel (for example: she once spent twenty-one days going from Oklahoma City to San Francisco and back through Utah to Colorado. When her husband called to ask if she was coming home anytime soon, she then headed back home), and … karaoke.


Main sources of inspiration? Yes, well, they come mostly from an over-active imagination. She currently resides in the Pacific Northwest with her musically talented husband, Al, and their adorable dog, Angel who lives up to her name—mostly.


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N. N. Light
N. N. Light
Mar 07

Thank you, Kathy, for sharing your wonderful romance in our Kobo Plus Bookish Event!

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