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The Four [Audible] by @Mejuarian_Queen is a Wintertime Reading pick #fantasy #audiobook #giveaway

Title: The Four - Destruction of Honor

Author: Zola Blue

Genre: Fantasy

Book Blurb:

The Ercutians, an ancient race of spell casters, abandoned Earth long ago; however, behind them, they left pains of destruction upon the earthlings. Powerful magic they once used for good, replaced with destructive spells and incantations, their once thriving, wonderous lands turned against them. They deserted the ways of their elders, and obliteration of the Ercutian race was imminent.

To heal the Earth, a sorcerer, sorceress, wizard, and wizardess combine their mystical powers to become the Great One, known to all as Thire-los. As four but “One”, Thire-los forces the others to locate to the planet Ercutis, many light-years from Earth. But not all is well within the Great One, for conflicting personalities brood within the single entity. What was once Great threatens to become tainted, throwing all of Ercutis and Earth back into chaos once again.


"Shut up, old man," replied Willie irritated. He pulled out a tiny vial with a quarter of a fingernail-sized flake of gold inside. "Yes, it's right here." Willie gazed at the thin, silvery yellow gold shaving. Last summer, he'd found the sliver sticking to his dive helmet when he was putting away his gear in the locker. Somehow the fragment of gold had attached itself to his helmet and remained there when he was diving and clearing away debris. The piece was from the Goldum gold, Raymond Barry confirmed it.

If only his fragment were as large as the nugget, he saw earlier… He seethed with envy, and his head ached with the desire to possess it.

"Is that for your retirement fund, Willie?" Simon asked, chortling.

"This is gold from the legend. This piece is worth more than you paid for your wife," sneered Willie.

Sean's eyes grew bright. The gold was rare, and only a couple of old townies had any of it. "You're not lying, are you?"

"Hell no. I told you!" replied Willie. With the index finger on his right hand, he made the sign of the cross against his chest.

"Oh, come on now. Not you too, Sean. You're not going to believe this foolishness, are you?" Simon said, shaking his head from side to side.

Willie pointed down at the paper placemat sitting in front of Simon. A ring from the bottom of his coffee cup had encircled the drawing of the town of Goldum.

"It's a true legend!" Sean exclaimed.

"There is no such thing as a 'true legend.' If it were true, then it would be a fact." Sean's stare moved downward as an expression of embarrassment covered the young man's face.

"Well then, what's with this map?" Sean added. Willie had seen the diner's placemat a thousand times but never taken the time to read it. Simon told him he believed it was a cheap gimmick by old Raymond Barry to get people to buy his overpriced trinkets.

"It's foolishness. That map was drawn by a child," Simon said after studying it.

No, it's not." replied Sean. "The Leeegenndd of Goolldumm," he read slowly, pronouncing some syllables longer to make sure he could articulate the words.

"We can read it…" said Simon, looking at Sean down the bridge of his nose. "Did you ever go to school?"

Sean felt the sting from Simon's insult and gazed quietly at the placemat. Willie saw the hurt in his buddy's eyes.

"You're a piece of shit sometimes, Simon," he said. "I'll read it:

"Situated in the icy Baldine Mountains, a band of runaway slaves from the southern territories settled the tiny town of Goldum. Striking a deal with a mystical forest creature, they were kept safe in their golden magical surroundings from those that would harm them."

Simon smirked. "What garbage."

Willie continued to read, "Embedded within the walls of their cliff dwellings was the rarest most beautiful, naturally luminescent gold. The riverbed and lake were covered in golden flakes. They created a natural attraction for fish and forest creatures, which made life easy for the small village. The people stayed within the wall of their settlement. They never traded the gold with any other residents that lived beyond the canyon wall.

One day a mysterious traveling salesman, appearing, warned them of an imminent attack upon his village. Michelo, Goldum's leader, decided to not heed the mystical forest creature's words and bartered with the man, exchanging gold for guns. However, the transaction with the gunsmith never happened, because, on the day of the sale, Goldum and its residents disappeared, never to be seen again."

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Great audio listen for those cold winter nights. Lively and uplifting to remove those winter blues.

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Author Biography:

Born in Florida, I am a resident of the US, but now I reside on a lovely island in British Columbia, Canada, with my husband and two dogs, and one cat.

I love to read, and over my lifetime, I have probably read hundreds of books. Now that life has given me a bit more time to concentrate on my personal time, I am building my relationship with God and writing fun, fanciful fiction stories that blend over into the fantasy realm.

I hope that each time I put words on the paper, they make you want to read it. I always hope someone has fallen in love with my words and wants to continue reading them.

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