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The Lady Flyer by @JaneLew23238279 is a Celebrate Audiobook Month pick #audiobooks #romance

Title: The Lady Flyer

Author: Jane Lewis

Genre: Historical Romance

Book Blurb:

Lisbeth Douglas works as a pilot, mechanic and flight instructor. As a Lady Flyer in the 1930's, she works in a male-dominated profession. Fearful of ridicule she keeps her dream of becoming a test pilot a secret. A cocky airplane salesman arrives in Saplingville and sets up shop at the airport. He steals her heart but will never take possession of her dreams.

Paul Williams is more comfortable designing airplanes than flying them. To please his father, he takes a job as an airplane salesman. His boss sends him to the deep-south where he meets a ravishing, daredevil of a woman. His heart takes a nosedive at the first sight of her. How can he give up his controlling ways and let her soar?

Audiobook Clip:

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What makes this a must-listen audiobook?

Jane Lewis continues the Saplingville, Georgia series with The Lady Flyer. A high-flying story of love and passion that will have the reader soaring into the clouds. You know you have a good book when the very masculine voice that is Dawson McBride can deliver a wonderful female persona as well as a charismatic male counterpart.


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Author Biography:

Jane Lewis writes historical romance with a happy ending always. She was a 2016 finalist in the Hearts Through History Contest, Post-Victorian/World War II category for her first romance novel, Love At Five Thousand Feet. She was a Carolyn Reader's Choice Award Finalist in 2021 for The Lady Flyer. She lives in the South and is a lover of all things southern.

Keep up with Jane on Facebook and visit her website

Narrator Biography:

The rumble of an American motorcycle and the deep tones of Dawson McBride have much in common as both are likely to stir something deep inside. Bringing an earthy growl and a passion for love stories, Dawson can be heard bringing life to bad boys, cowboys, and everything in between.

A narrator who specializes in the production of audiobooks in the romance genre, Dawson is the romantic side of his alter-ego’s brand. Much like automobile manufacturers who have more than one brand within their company, while his alter-ego may be best described as a Ford F-150, Dawson is more associated with the Lincoln Continental. Smooth and luxurious.

He lives with his wife and daughter and enjoys living in a small, quiet community in Tennessee.

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N. N. Light
N. N. Light
Jun 08, 2021

Thank you, Jane, for sharing your book in our Celebrate Audiobook Month!

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