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Preorder blitz! The Lady of the Mirrored Lake by @bohemienneivy #paranormalfantasy #medievalromance

Title The Lady of the Mirrored Lake

Author Jennifer Ivy Walker

Genre Paranormal fantasy medieval romance

Publisher The Wild Rose Press

Book Blurb

Hunted by the Black Widow Queen, Issylte--a healer with the verdant magic of the forest--must flee Avalon with the two finest knights in the Celtic realm, both wrongly accused of treason. The trio travels to Bretagne, where Issylte heals a critically injured wolf and obtains fiercely loyal, shapeshifting allies.

In mystical Brocéliande, Issylte becomes a warrior priestess of the Tribe of Dana and otherworldly mate of the Blue Knight of Cornwall, discovering with Tristan a passion that transcends all bounds. When she becomes the Lady of the Mirrored Lake, sworn to defend the sacred waters of the Goddess, Issylte must undertake a perilous quest to discover what priceless object lies hidden in its murky depths.

As a nascent evil emerges in a fetid cave, Issylte and Tristan must face a diabolical trio that threatens their lives, their love, and their kingdoms.

Enchanted. Enflamed. Entwined. Can their passion and power prevail?


Extending his hand, he asked gallantly, “Would you do me the honor of dancing with me, my lady?” At his touch, a thrill of pleasure flowed up her arm and spread throughout her entire body.

Lifting the folds of her deep green gown with her other hand as she stood, Issylte followed him to join the revelry. The wings of a white dove fluttered wildly in her breast.

Tristan walked backward, facing her, grinning from ear to ear, as he held her hand in his outstretched arm. He pulled her seductively to the dance floor without ever removing his intense eyes from her smile.

In Tristan’s embrace, Issylte’s breath felt shallow, her heartbeat rapid, fully aware of the hulking shoulders and enormous arms that held her close. His scent was the salty tang of the ocean, mingled with evergreens of the forest and an earthy, musky, distinctly male essence that called to her. Despite the open doors, the room was very warm, and the heady fragrance of him, combined with the sumptuous food and superb wine—Issylte swooned and lowered her face to his chest, longing to touch the dark hair she knew was hidden under his deep blue tunic.

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Author Biography

When I was a high school French teacher, I won a prestigious scholarship from the National Endowment of the Humanities to travel to the south of France and participate in Le Festival d’ Avignon —the world’s largest Festival of Theater, which attracts 500,000 performers each summer to the Provençal city.

As a result of my month-long immersion in French theater, I performed in plays, observed classical tragedies, outlandish comedies, puppet shows, musicals, comédies-ballets—every type of theatrical genre.

Since I had always taken my students to compete in the state French competition-- where we performed French plays--I implemented the acting and theatrical skills learned through Le Festival de Théâtre as I taught them to interpret roles in French literary classics such as Molière’s Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme and Corneille’s Le Cid.

That same theatrical creativity is the inspiration for the characters in my novels. I envision my story from the perspective of that personnage and develop his or her feelings, actions, and thoughts in the same way I learned to interpret characters through theatrical performance from Le Festival d’ Avignon.

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3 Yorum

Jennifer Ivy Walker
Jennifer Ivy Walker
08 Ara 2022

Thank you so much for this fantastic preorder blitz! What a lovely feature of how Le Festival de Théâtre in Avignon taught me a great deal about character development in my novels!


Jan Sikes
Jan Sikes
08 Ara 2022

Congratulations, Ivy! Sharing! 😍


N. N. Light
N. N. Light
08 Ara 2022

Thank you, Ivy, for sharing your preorder with us! I can't wait to read this one!

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