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The Man in Cabin Number Five by @chrysteen_braun is a Cozy Mystery Event pick #cozymystery #fiction

Title: The Man in Cabin Number Five

Author: Chrysteen Braun

Genre: Women’s Fiction, Small Town Fiction

Book Blurb:

When seven 1920 era cabins in Lake Arrowhead, California, are restored to their original vintage charm, Annie Parker discovers the cabins have their own stories to tell.

The Guest Book Trilogy, Book One, The Man in Cabin Number Five, is about two women whose paths cross; one who is looking towards her future and one who has discovered thirty years ago that her father didn’t die of a heart attack, but from a murder/suicide.


You know how when people hear your life stories, they sometimes say, “You should write a book.” I suppose that means over the years, some of my stories must have been interesting to others, and lately, I’ve been thinking about writing that book. While I can’t always remember what I had for dinner last night, I can remember things that happened to me over my lifetime...and I’ve also been known to embellish a little here and there, so I’d be able to come up with stories to fill in any gaps.

I’ve just had my eightieth birthday, thank God, for I’m getting close. As much as I swore I hated the idea of a party, my family and friends had one for me anyway...and I ended up having the best time ever. People I hadn’t seen for years surprised me by coming, and of course, talking with them brought back a lot of old memories. Some reminded me of unpleasantness, but I recalled most with fondness.

My husband’s daughter, Sissy, had gone through my drawers of old photos, much to my dismay, for some of them could have been considered damning. She made up some poster boards showing my life at various ages. She meant well, but I couldn’t help but feel that I was a spectator at my own funeral. Plus, I absolutely hated seeing photos of myself in private, much less on public display.

..... I blossomed in my early twenties, after I married David.

The stories came after I left him. There were three books right there, about people I met who would never know the secrets my mountain cabins guarded.

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What makes your featured book a must-read?

Great for fans of Liane Moriarty’s The Husband’s Secret, Linda Holmes’s Evvie Drake Starts Over.

A touching novel charting two women’s parallel lives, tied together by mysteries,

transformation, and a cabin. Kirkus’ BookLife Review

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Enter to win a $15 Amazon US or Amazon Canada gift card

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Runs October 12 – October 19, 2022.

Winner will be drawn on October 20, 2022.

Author Biography:

Chrysteen Braun is a California native, born and raised in Long Beach.

The mountains, where she and her husband had a second home, were the inspiration for her first three books, The Guest House Trilogy. These fictional restored cabins from the late 1920s all had their own stories to tell.

Her writing crosses genres of Women’s Fiction with relationships, and a little mystery and intrigue. She’s published articles about her field of interior design and remodeling, both for trade publications and her local newspaper.

She lives in Coto de Caza, with her husband Larry and two Siamese cats.

Contact her at, or

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N. N. Light
N. N. Light
15. Okt. 2022

Thank you, Chrysteen, for sharing your book in our Cozy Mystery Bookish Event!

Gefällt mir
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