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The Marquis’s Misstep by Kathy L Wheeler is a Kobo Plus Bookish Event pick #koboplus #regency #historicalromance #romance #giveaway

Title: The Marquis’s Misstep    


Author: Kathy L Wheeler


Genre: Regency romance


Book Blurb:


Lady Maudsley's life of horror ended with the death of her late husband, or so she’d believed. The stakes are much higher this time around. Placing her trust in the man who’d deserted her to a fate worse than death is asking too much. But someone is after her children and trusting him is her only option in keeping them safe.




She poured a cup with a dash of cream and handed it over, her fingers brushing his, sending a firestorm of sensations racing through her veins. A sudden grin split his perfectly formed lips. She could have kicked herself. That she remembered how he drank his tea gained him a distinct advantage. As if he didn’t have enough over her.


He set the cup aside and caught her unprepared, tugging her onto his lap. It did not escape her notice in how careful he was with her wrist. “I’ve missed you,” he whispered. His lips brushed hers. Warm and soft. Sweet. Nostalgic. Each bringing to the forefront how very conflicted her feelings were. This man had been her first love. He’d been the one to awaken the passion buried deep within. He’d been the one to quell the incessant criticism she’d grown up with.


Virginia! Young ladies do not laugh loudly. Young ladies do not consume large bites. Young ladies do not express excessive emotion. Dear heavens, you’ll disgrace us all…


Ginny shut her eyes, wishing she could shut out the criticisms and memories as easily. His fingers moved across her forehead and, before she realized it, he’d parted her hair. His other hand framed her jaw, immobilizing her at the horror of what he looked at. Rather than saying anything, he laid his lips on the deep scar where her hair no longer grew.


Mortified, she tore out of his hold, stumbled to her feet. Her leg hit the table, sending her cup teetering to the floor. “How dare you!” Her voice didn’t come out indignant as she’d intended. No, it came out strangled and tearful and… breathless, blast it all.


Impatience flashed from him. But then he let out a resigned sigh, his arms falling to his sides. After a long moment, his expression turned serious. He stared her down, his brows meeting, his mouth a full frown. “You’re attending Griston’s party in the country? Are you sure you’re up for such an event? You haven’t left this house in almost a year and now you are flitting from place to place with no care for your reputation.”


“My repu—” She pointed to the door. “Out.”


“I’m not leaving. I’ve waited months to have you to myself, though God knows why.” He snagged a sandwich from the nearby tray and fell against the back of his chair. “What was that man doing here anyway?”


“That is none of your concern.”


“It damned sure is.”


“What of it? He arrived unannounced, just like someone else I know.” She hated how petulant she sounded. But then nothing was going right for her that morning.


Brock popped a second triangle into his mouth. He was certainly making himself at home, sitting back, legs outstretched. “Probably coming to claim the homestead,” he said, mouth half full.


His words struck Ginny in the chest with the force of a wooden mallet. “Dear heavens. You may be right.”


“Don’t worry. You won’t be living here long anyway. Once we’re married—”


Shock rendered her speechless. The utter nerve.


He pulled his legs in and leaned forward. Reaching out with a long, elegant finger, he tipped her lowered jaw shut.


She snatched her head back. “I’m not marrying you. You had your shot, remember? I’m not marrying anyone. Ever.”


“You need protecting. Your girls need protecting.”


“And I have every intention of… of seeing them protected.” Outrage colored her vision in a brilliant shade of scarlet. The color of blood depicted in paintings of war. “We don’t need you. I’m going to teach my daughters to protect themselves.”


Sudden silence boomed throughout the morning room. She’d stunned him. His shock should have had her falling to the floor in gales of laughter, but she knew all too well how headstrong this man was. He’d been her downfall once before. Never again, she vowed.


“How do you expect to teach your girls to defend themselves?” he sputtered. “You couldn’t even protect yourself.” His voice likely reached the rafters.

Her hand flew, an automatic response, that would have landed a solid crack against his cheek but for his reflex that snagged her right wrist in mid-motion.

His eyes glittered with his fury, his nostrils flaring.

“How dare you,” she bit out through gritted teeth. Ever the gentleman, he released her the minute she jerked her hand.


“Darling,” he said gently. “Girls are not taught to fight.”


“Perhaps they should be.” She plopped down on the settee, her hand this time catching the edge of the tray that held the sandwiches. What the devil was wrong with her?


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What makes your featured book a must-read?


Suppose I let a reader tell you why this book is a must read 😊 from Kobo readers


Heartbreakingly beautiful“This story picks up a year after the last one ended. This story is about Brock and Ginny. After coming out from a year of mourning, Ginny runs into Brock at a party and tries her best to stay away from him. Upon seeing Ginny, Brock is more determined to make her his. He regretted in letting her get away all those years ago and was determined not to make the same mistake. While pursuing her, Brock is also helping Thorne find his missing brother-in-law. Ginny has the attention of a couple of unwanted suitors, but she is determined to put her daughters above everyone else. After what had happened with Irene, she doesn't like being too far away from them. Little does she realize that in not wanting to stay away from her girls, she is keeping her youngest safe. I loved the chemistry between the two and both girls were adorable. The book had a couple of surprises that I wasn't expecting, which broke my heart. I can't wait to read the next book in the series.”

by Michelle Quintanna


“This is the 3rd book, if you count the prequel (that I highly recommend reading), in the Rebel Lords of London series. Kathy L. Wheeler has done another outstanding job on writing an engrossing story - this time for Ginny, Lady Maudlsey, and Brock sometimes referred to as John, the Marquis of Brockway. Both characters intrigued me from the prequel and I was thrilled that they got their own chance at a happily ever after in this tale. If you like intrigue, suspense and romance then this book is a good bet for your next read. I loved the combination of tension, mystery and allure and although I found some aspects of the story both heartbreaking and tense I loved the novel. Ginny’s children, Irene and Cecilia, play major parts in this story and I thought that the author did an amazing job of creating two distinct but appealing and believable personalities. The book does a great job of solving some of the mysteries of the main characters while leaving the reader intrigued with what comes next. I can’t wait to read the next two books and hope that their are more tales to tell in this marvellous series.”

By Anne


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Open Internationally. 


Runs March 5 – March 11, 2024.


Winner will be drawn on March 12, 2024.


Author Biography:


Kathy L Wheeler writes historical and contemporary romance and has hit the Amazon Best Seller list several times over. In the face of danger, her heroines save themselves, their heroes just need to be there to catch them… after the fact.


Her many passions include the NFL, Musical Theater, travel (for example: she once spent twenty-one days going from Oklahoma City to San Francisco and back through Utah to Colorado. When her husband called to ask if she was coming home anytime soon, she then headed back home), and … karaoke.


Main sources of inspiration? Yes, well, they come mostly from an over-active imagination. She currently resides in the Pacific Northwest with her musically talented husband, Al, and their adorable dog, Angel who lives up to her name—mostly.


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I don’t have kobo but I checked it out!

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N. N. Light
N. N. Light
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Thank you, Kathy, for sharing your book in our Kobo Plus Bookish Event!

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