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New Release | The Reincarnation Series by @Kristal081670F et. al #vampireromance #pnr #video


What would you sacrifice for a second chance with the one you love?

This series consists of nine books, featuring vampires and their reborn mates. They are second chance at love, paranormal romances written by a collaboration of award-winning authors. Black Lotus starts the series and Syre completes the series. There’s no certain order for the remaining seven books, and they can be read standalone. I encourage you to read each one if you love the vampire as much as I do!

Book Series Trailer:

Here's each book in the series…

April 5

Black Lotus, Book 1 by Kristal Dawn Harris


What would you sacrifice for one more chance with the one you love? The past and the present collide when an antiquities thief travels to Alaska to a steal a cursed jewel said to be guarded by a vampire. A heated encounter with a legend leaves Sophia Daniels breathless, setting her on a course she never expected while memories from another life taunt her mind. The Black Knight rises to reclaim the woman stolen from him by death. A chance encounter, blood, and heartache converge to reveal the truth, only to find her life once again in the clutches of danger. Vampire Cassius Maxim is desperate to save her from death and find a way to earn a second chance with the woman he’s loved for centuries. Death looms on the edge of darkness even as desire threatens to consume them both. Can the thief and the vampire escape the past, and love…again? Trigger Warning...Mild violence.

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Vintage, Book 2 by Laura M. Baird


Reginald Cast and Charlotte Tremmington share forbidden love. He's a slave in 1860. She's a plantation owner's daughter. After one glorious night together, their world is ripped apart.

Charlotte is killed in a fit of rage by Julius Barclay, would-be suitor and Reginald's owner. He then blames Reginald and attempts to kill him as well. With Reginald's escape, an encounter with a vampire – the beautiful Syre – gives him a chance at eternity and a reunion with his love.

Renata Charles, a modern-day estate sales director, is enchanted by a vintage yellow dress that spurs vivid daydreams of another time. She soon learns the visions are glimpses of her life as Charlotte, and the mysterious and appealing Reggie was her lover.

When the past comes back to haunt them, their chance at forever is threatened.

Will Reginald save his beloved and finally put an end to the evil trying to keep them apart?

Can Renata come to terms with who she is and accept eternal love?

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April 12

Switch, Book 3 by Hannah Morse


Time does not heal all wounds, or does it?

Anne Black enjoys being in control of her life. She trains MMA fighters by day and works as a dominatrix by night. A single encounter with a mysterious and handsome stranger turns her world upside down. Suddenly, memories of another life haunt her. Top hats, carriages, and ballgowns? Love? It can’t be real!

William Ollerton imagined a quiet life in a vicarage with his young wife, until she is brutally murdered. Grief-stricken, he accepts the gift of immortality with the hope he will see his lost love reborn. Centuries pass, but one night changes his world and eternity doesn’t seem impossible after all.

When the past clashes with the present, the hunt is on and everything he’s waited for is put at risk. Will Anne and William have their second chance? Or will history repeat itself?


Content notice: on-page violence, strong BDSM elements, and explicit adult situations.

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Blood Tears, Book 4 by Alyna Lochlan


Time doesn't heal the torn wound of losing your soul mate. Would you trade your life to hold them once more?

The dark Duke, Nikolai Beaumont did, and as an immortal, he seeks revenge on those who took his love and burned her at the stake for witchcraft. Desperate for one more chance with his Isabella, he becomes a vampire, a true dark duke. He awaits her rebirth but as centuries pass, he carries on and his hope dwindles. No other can take the place he holds for her alone.

Isabella Good is a blend of the past and present. She is an old soul many would say and lives a salutary life. Though she tried to find someone to fill this hole in her heart no one come close. Only the man she sees in her dreams makes her soul burn. She prefers the quiet life of nature and potions, yet still longs for the man that will make her life, a blaze of colors.

Will they find that the past and present are not that far apart? Can they bridge both to build a life once more? Fire and storm converge. Can he save her this time? Or does the past really repeat itself?

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April 19

Renaissance, Book 5 by Kristal Dawn Harris


“Doesn’t renaissance literally mean rebirth?”

Dara Barnes works as a curator for a museum when a mysterious gift arrives. She is shocked the initials on the piece match those of a painting from the fifteenth century. A heated encounter leads to a revelation that rocks her to her core, and secrets from a previous life suddenly become reality.

Vampire Antonio Lockton waited centuries for the rebirth of the great love of his life. Her tragic death haunts him, and the guilt is a heavy burden. After locating her in a city that celebrates the dead, he embarks on a mission to claim her by any means necessary.

This steamy, paranormal romance will singe the reader with sensual heat, while begging for one bite from a renaissance vampire.

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Buccaneer, Book 6 by Kristal Dawn Harris


“I dare you to take what you want.”

After a visit with the local palm reader, Amelia Stuart is warned not to fear death. A man from the sea holds all the answers, but is she willing to defy her father for the great love of her past and present life?

She sacrificed her happiness to save him from the hangman’s noose. He’s waited for her as the years slowly dragged, but Vampire Carter Lockton never stopped watching and waiting for her rebirth. Does a salty pirate deserve a second chance?

Deceit and death ripped them apart, but a second chance presents itself on a starry night. The past and the present merge when Carter Lockton and Amelia Stuart have a chance encounter on the beaches of St. Augustine, Florida.

Their love knows no bounds, but the past refuses to relinquish its hold. Will they survive to love again?

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Eternity, Book 7 by April Hollingworth


A Love Lost to the Ages…

Ever since Joshua Banks rebirth as a vampire, life has been one of loneliness and despair, after all, revenge only lasts so long, and once all those guilty of the crimes against his love were dead, all that was left was an eternity of loss without the woman he loves but couldn’t save.

A Life Reborn…

Nightmares of a different time and place plague Sabrina Dalton, yet in the midst of the nightmares a longing has settled for a man she doesn’t know, but only catches glimpses of.

A Dark Kiss of Seduction…

Can Joshua control his darkest urges when he meets Sabrina, or will his darkest desires mean losing her for eternity?

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April 26

Dreamcatcher, Book 8 by Marilyn Barr


When tattoo artist, Gretchen O’Malley steps into the world of spiritual healing to banish the nightmare which haunts her, she crosses time and space to search for inner peace. When a spiritual journey with an eccentric Shamanic Practitioner reveals her nightmare is a piece of his past, she doesn’t trust her overwhelming attraction to him…

Shamanic Practitioner turned Vampire Makaha Juang longs to reclaim the woman who worked herself to death in the sugarcane fields of Oahu over one hundred and fifty years ago. He thanks the Gods when Kaihua enters his office—reincarnated as Gretchen. A prophetic nightmare, explosive soulmate connection, and the boundaries of his spirit contract test his morality and dedication to tenants to Shamanism.

Will he compromise his integrity in the name of love or will he free her from their karmic cord?

Trigger Warning...Mild violence, Spirituality.

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Syre, Book 9 by Kyann Waters


Her name is Syrena, given from the land that holds her secrets. Once hunted to extinction, she was the last of her kind. Now as the Syre, she offers her gift of eternal life to reincarnated lovers.

Ethan Duncan enjoys the cold, a symptom of being in love with a vampire. He’s spent lifetimes trying to heal her soul. But she continues to deny herself the promise of love.

The Reshad, deadly dragons, have returned. Ethan vows to sacrifice himself to ensure her survival. To save him, she’ll become the hunter and fight the enemy to the death…maybe even hers.

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The Reincarnation Series Amazon Page:


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N. N. Light
N. N. Light
Apr 05, 2022

Thank you, ladies, for sharing your new releases with us! I can't wait to read them all! 😍

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