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The Spirit Trap by @VeryanWynn is a Scary Reads for Halloween pick #yalit #supernatural #giveaway

Title: The Spirit Trap

Author: Veryan Williams-Wynn

Genre: YA Supernatural Thriller

Book Blurb:

When her grandmother's ashes along with a family portrait arrive at her home in England, fourteen-year-old Tatiana finds herself being tormented by supernatural forces. To free herself from the increasingly persistent hauntings, she has to find and release the ghost of an ancestor caught up in the terror of the French Revolution. With the aid of her skeptical cousin, Marcus, she sets out on a mission, which leads them through the dramas of present-day life in Paris and across time to the frightening upheavals of Revolutionary France.




‘Can’t you feel it?’

‘Feel what?’

‘That jangling cold,’ she said.

‘I thought it had just warmed up,’ he said, but then as he went to pull her to her feet, she noticed him shiver violently.

‘I can’t see anything, but suddenly there’s this icy sensation running right through me, so there definitely has to be something here.

‘Something “other”, pulsating … in waves. Marcus … let’s get out of here.’

Tatiana glanced around, checking for the best way out, when she went rigid. ‘Marcus, don’t look!’

But her warning was no use. Although Marcus couldn’t see anything, he was struck by a terrible, irrational fear, intensified by the look on Tatiana’s face. Advancing from every direction through the porous bones came a multitude of the silently whispering dead. They emerged from the shadows, drifting on the cold mist-laden air, gliding towards them, beseeching with hollow, sightless eyes, their transparent bony hands outstretched and pleading.

‘Oh … my … God!’ hissed Tatiana, shielding her eyes with her arm.

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Why is your featured book a must-read?

To quote from one of the 35 reviews on Amazon:

A great strength of the story is that it explores complex ideas about reincarnation and genetic memory in a way that engages the reader without ever patronising him or her. It's a richly textured read and far more than just a ghost story.

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Author Biography:

Veryan's childhood, spent travelling the world in the wake of a military father, led to a somewhat eclectic and multinational education. This included a teutonic governess without a word of English, two years in a Lycée, a whole year up a mountain in Italy without school, two years at a blissful all girls school in Alexandria, Virginia USA before finally taking a strange assortment of GCSE's with army NCO's in Malta. Secretarial school in Singapore, taught mainly in Mandarin, which somehow she managed to pass. Then she worked for a while as a model, before turning to a more exciting job flying light aircraft. She then married, took up shooting, hunting, sport parachuting and somewhere along the way managed to have four wonderful children before getting divorced. She then worked for many years as a sensitive / medium at the college of Psychic Studies in London and as a transpersonal psychology counsellor specialising in the interface between the psychic and the psychotic. She now works as an audio describer at the Theatre Royal Plymouth. She has written award winning short stories and one YA novel published by Lodestone an imprint of John Hunt Publishing. She lives on the edge of Dartmoor (UK) surrounded by sheep, highland cattle and Bluebell woods.

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N. N. Light
N. N. Light
Oct 27, 2020

Thank you,Veryan, for sharing your book in our Scary Reads for Halloween!

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