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The Texas Ranger and the Professor by @susanreid460 is a Western Event pick #western #historical

Title: The Texas Ranger and the Professor

Author: Susan Payne

Genre: Women’s Fiction – Historical Western

Book Blurb:

Ben Edwards has one last mission to complete before taking his bar exam and leaving the Rangers – babysit a female professor in the inhospitable Texas Desert.


Edwards closed his eyes again, desperately saying a prayer to help him not piss this woman off and have his commanding officer tear a strip off his hide when she went off irritated complaining to him.

“Ma’am, I’m used to the desert terrain and all the unfriendly things that live there, whereas you….” He perused her from the tips of her stylish boots to the top of her head adorned with a small box trimmed with a little bird and branch of fake cherries, which passed as a hat. “Are simply not.”

“You know nothing about me, sir. I am more than capable of traveling on my own as long as the supplies I requested have been furnished to me.” She went to sidestep him in dismissal as she saw the mule piled with items she seemed to recognize.

“Ma’am, I can’t allow you to do that. Ranger mules are not to be trusted with strangers and often seem docile when they are planning their worse revenge,” he told her to warn her away from the ornery pack animal.

Dr. Reeves glanced into his face. “You are joking, right? Now you are trying to frighten me with a mule? I can handle anything with a bridle, believe me.” She again went to step around his tall muscular frame.

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Females had to be better than their male counter-parts and always take a ‘back-seat’ when it came to accomplishments. Since it was thought men were the head of households, they should be given the positions of authority and higher wages. Some females managed to escape from that thinking, but not without fighting everyone around them. Even family couldn’t be counted on for help to make it in the world – at least, not in a career.

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Author Biography:

A voracious reader her whole life, author Susan Payne loves the written word. When reading wasn’t enough, she decided to allow her mind to take flight and write all the many stories that kept intruding in her life. She blended her love of history and her love of words to create over eighty stories. All historical and centering on couples finding love and a happy ever after together.

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N. N. Light
N. N. Light
Apr 22, 2021

Thank you, Susan, for sharing your book in our Western Fic/Rom Bookish Event!

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