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The Wayfinder’s Apprentice by @DezendorfK is a BHW pick #99cents #99c #yafantasy #fantasy #yalit

Title - The Wayfinder’s Apprentice

Author - K. Dezendorf

Genre - YA Fantasy

Book Blurb:

Rose knows the magical world of the Umbra exists. She’s been there before, and she longs to return to the land of fantasy and start a happier life. Stuck on Earth with only her trickster guardian and a displaced gang of elven siblings for company; Rose has a fateful run-in with a rogue wild elf and meets a Wayfinder, a gatekeeper of the portals between realms. However, Rose is horrified to discover the Umbra has changed since her first visit, finding herself caught up in unexpected conflicts, from warring god-like beings to dealings with demons. With many grueling choices ahead of her, Rose finds the dream she yearns for comes with a cost.


Rose glanced around, checking for anyone watching. There were a few people here and there. Most of them either focused on where they were going, or fixated on their phones. Turning back to the building, she went over to the area where she saw the man disappear.

Pulling back the tarp, she saw a very solid looking brick wall. Rose licked her lips, her heart pounding in excitement at the thought of returning to that place, of experiencing its wonders again. She knew it couldn’t possibly be that easy. However, there was still that fanciful part of her brain that wished otherwise. What was the harm in trying? So, taking a breath, she reached out to touch the wall.

Rose never experienced an explosion first hand. However, that was exactly what she thought was happening when she heard a loud booming sound and felt a wave of force that nearly knocked her off her feet. Car alarms went off and there was screaming. Her head whipped around to see what happened, and she was greeted by the second oddity she’d seen that day.

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Author Biography-

I’m K Dezendorf, author of the first installment of the Shadows of the Umbra series, The Wayfinder’s Apprentice. For me, there was never a wrong time to enjoy a good novel, not even in the middle of school lectures, much to my teachers’ chagrin.

I began writing in earnest at age 14, often horrifying my parents with internet searches, all of which I assured was strictly for research purposes. When I’m not reading or writing, I enjoy watching anime, playing video games, and practicing my digital art. I currently live in Arizona with my loving husband and beautiful daughter.

Social Media Links –

Twitter handle: @DezendorfK

Instagram: authorkdezendorf


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