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5+ stars for Transcending Depression: Quest Without a Compass #selfhelp #depression #bookreview

Title: Transcending Depression: Quest Without a Compass

Author: Larry Godwin

Genre: Self-Help, Mental Illness

Book Blurb:

Are you or a loved one depressed?

My story represents the chronology of my mental illness over a span of 49 years, as well as my attempts to understand it and cope with it. Selected entries from my journals constitute the source and follow an authentic progression over time. In them, I relate insights about the origin of my disorder. I also describe thoughts and feelings that arose and my reactions to events that took place at various times, as influenced, for better or worse, by psychiatric medications and supplements.

My goal is to save lives. The primary motivation for presenting my history is to encourage others who grapple with either chronic depression or occasional bouts. I hope my journey resonates with some, validates feelings, and sparks the thoughts “I'm not alone” and “I will feel better.” This book can also help family members and friends of the mentally ill, and their caregivers, find compassion and enable them to understand the struggle.

Transcending Depression differs from many other books on the topic in that it is not grounded in clinical experience, scientific research, or empirical evidence, which may make it more approachable than some. It’s not a how-to book, not a model for depressed people to follow, not a toolbox. On the contrary, it shows rather than tells the reader what he or she might do to feel better.

Appendices include my Depression Survival Guide, which offers 36 suggestions to bring relief, and Chess in the Labyrinth, a metaphor that compares defeating depression to winning a chess game.

“Your book about depression is incredible. I only wish I had read it before my husband attempted suicide jumping off the roof of the home we were building. It is invaluable to everyone, particularly those who have depressed spouses or children and don’t fully understand the feelings and consequences of not getting the appropriate help.”

My Review:

Are you suffering from depression? You're not alone. Larry Godwin has spent the better part of fifty years trying to understand and cope with his depression. He's opened his journals and wants to share his experiences with you. Told through journal entries he delves deep into just how debilitating it can be and how he never gave up. He talks about a wide range of topics, including his roller coaster ride through a variety of medications. Larry Godwin knows what you're going through and wants to help you. You're not alone. You, too, can Transcend Depression.

Transcending Depression is a brilliant treatise on mental illness, specifically depression. Larry Godwin's writing style instantly puts the reader at ease. His compassionate, emotional writing connects with the reader. His experiences are honest, authentic and his advice is spot-on. My favorite section is his Depression Survival Guide at the back of the book. His tips on surviving depression are applicable to anyone and offer great insight. Transcending Depression is also a must-read for family and friends of those who have depression. Highly recommend!

My Rating: 5+ stars

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Author Biography:

My first book, Surviving Our Parents' Mistakes, debuted in 1999. My articles about depression have appeared on the websites of the National Alliance on Mental Illness, the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, and the Canadian Mental Heath Association. I live with my wife, Cathy, in Missoula, Montana.

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Reviewed by: Mrs. N


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