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Trapped in Coral Ridge by Lynne Lanning is a Christmas in July Fete pick #holidayromance #giveaway

Title: Trapped in Coral Ridge - Christmas Bride Dilemma Book 8

Author: Lynne Lanning

Genre: Christian Historical Romantic Suspense

Book Blurb:

Nina is devastated when her father abandons her and her three younger sisters in a strange town halfway across the country during their trip westward. His intentions were to return after striking gold. Barely able to make ends meet with her and her sister working in the diner, the evil saloon owner notices these pretty, young ladies may need his assistance earning more money. Just when Nina has a glimmer of hope and her eye on the handsome preacher’s son, David, devastation strikes. Seeing Nina in such desperation, the saloon owner is sure he has her in his grasp. Nina prays fervently that her father soon returns and they finish their trip westward. But what about her feelings for David? Their hearts will be broken if she leaves. But how will her and her sisters survive much longer without help, being Trapped in Coral Ridge.


One of the ladies caught Nina’s eye and motioned her over.

“Yes, ma’am? How may I help you?”

“You don’t look familiar to me. I wanted to introduce myself.” The lady extended her hand. “I am Mrs. Larkin. My husband is the preacher here, and I would like to invite you to visit our church.”

“It’s so nice to meet you, Mrs. Larkin.” Nina took the offered hand. “I am Nina Tussey. My family is new in town.”

She quickly pointed to Della as she passed. “That is one of my sisters, Della. We plan to be in attendance at your church on Sunday with our two younger sisters.”

“Wonderful. And your parents?”

“Umm, well ma’am, our mother has passed, and our father is out of town at the moment.” She barely whispered the last few words while looking around cautiously. This was the first time she felt it was important to keep this information to herself. No telling what would happen if people knew how alone and vulnerable she and her sisters were.

“I see,” Mrs. Larkin patted Nina’s hand reassuringly as if she looked into her thoughts. “I will keep that bit of information to myself. But I’m glad you told me because I will do anything I can to help you, if you need me.”

“Thank you, ma’am. That’s very thoughtful. Now, what can I get for you?”

“I would like a cup of tea while I wait for my son to join me.”

“Yes, ma’am. I will be right back.”

Nina kept her eye on Mrs. Larkin as she waited on other tables, knowing she would be ready to order when her son joined her. It seemed a long time, but finally, a young man took a seat at the table with her, and she quickly made her way to them.

“I see your son finally made it,” Nina spoke jovially as she approached Mrs. Larkin.

She turned toward the man as she continued to smile. “And what can I get for…” Nina choked for a moment as she looked into the most handsome face, enhanced by piercing green eyes.

Mrs. Larkin quickly intervened. “Nina, this is my son, David. David, Nina and her family are new in town.”

David stood and nodded. “Nice to meet you, Miss. Welcome to Coral Ridge.”

Nina collected her composure as David sat back down. “It’s nice to meet you, also. Now, what can I get for the two of you?”

Nina could barely write for her hand shaking in nervousness, and she could hardly hear past the loud thumping of her heart. She feared that when she turned to leave the table she would stumble or do something embarrassing, or perhaps fumble over her words if she spoke more than necessary.

She chided herself as she made her way to the kitchen, “I need to get a hold on myself. This is the kind of reaction I would expect from Della.”

Sneaking another peek at David, she decided this town was looking better all the time.

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What I love most about the holiday season:

Christmas Miracles.

Why is your featured book a must-read to get you in the holiday mood?

The promises the future holds with a fresh start.

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One lucky reader will win a $75 Amazon gift card:

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Runs July 1 – 31, 2023.

Drawing will be held on August 1, 2023.

Author Biography:

Lynne Lanning has such an effortless way of evoking emotion from her readers. Her characters are so realistic that the reader can feel their pain during trials and their joy during triumphs. Reviews state: "'s as if Mrs. Lanning lived through this herself." "Couldn't put it down..." "A real page turner." Lynne enjoys turning history and her love of God into enjoyable, relatable stories with practical life lessons that can benefit people today. Each story tells of true bonds of love and loyalty, mixed with tough times and decisions, with a twist of humor and sometimes devastation...the same is true in life. With a blend of her own family members and heritage along with lots of fiction, it's hard to tell where reality stops and fantasy begins. Social Media Links:

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Rita Wray
Rita Wray
28 jul 2023

I like the excerpt and cover.

Me gusta

N. N. Light
N. N. Light
28 jul 2023

Thank you, Lynne, for sharing your new release in our Christmas in July Fete!

Me gusta
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