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Troubles In Bellmount by Nicki Pascarella is a Fall Into These Great Reads pick #mystery #giveaway

Title: Troubles In Bellmount (A Miranda Albright, Ph.D. Mystery)

Author: Nicki Pascarella

Genre: New Adult Mystery, Humorous Mystery; Mystery Romance

Book Blurb:

Miranda Albright looks forward to her new life as a college professor in bucolic Bellmount, Pennsylvania. Then she discovers a dead body in the woods. Now she's grappling with mystery, murder, and small-town mayhem, along with her feelings for two very different men. And to top it all off, Miranda is psychic. Either that or she's going crazy. With the help of family and friends, Miranda delves deeper and deeper into local scandals and small-town secrets. But powerful figures want to stop her. Now there's big trouble in little Bellmount and Miranda is in the thick of it…


“I know. Do the best you can,” I said. “We need to move this along. We might be running out of time.”

Neither of them commented on my plea for urgency. Keisha sat in quiet reflection, and Winona flipped through her notebook.

“Miranda, I’ve been thinking, what if it was Shultz? He’s a pervert and likes younger women. What if he purposely messed up the investigation to cover up his crime?” Winona asked.

As I have previously indicated, I had concluded that Shultz had thrown a wrench into the investigation for three reasons. First of all, he was a klutzy cretin. Second, he was trying to keep Mayor Reynolds happy, and the mayor wanted the crime solved and closed so that nothing reflected poorly on his perfect little town. Third, and the most disturbing realization, was that he had tried to erase me from the scene because he was terrified someone would discover he had stopped a woman on her way into town and behaved like an atrocious debauched.

“Hey, Winona, you’re a moron," Keisha said. "She would never have slept with that piece of shit cop, meaning it wasn’t his baby, meaning it wasn’t him. It was those damn frat boys. I could see it in their lecherous little eyes.”

The Albright Detective Agency was working like clockwork.

Kind of.

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What’s your favorite thing about autumn:

I love the excitement in the air at Back to School Time, the crisp fall air, and the changing leaves.

What inspired you to write this story:

When I was twenty-two years old, I spent a year living and teaching in Western Pennsylvania. It was such a happy time for me. I wanted to catch it in a book. I was also inspired by Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum Series. I wanted to capture Plum’s spirit in a New Adult Mystery series with a psychic detective.

Giveaway –

One lucky reader will win a $75 Amazon gift card

Open internationally.

Runs September 1 – 30

Drawing will be held on October 2.

Author Biography:

Nicki Pascarella writes Contemporary and Historical romances. She enjoys mixing genres—adding mysteries to steamy small-town romances, or a pinch of paranormal fantasy to her romantic comedies. It’s all about making her readers laugh and fall in love.

Using her twenty-nine years of experience as a high school teacher and her background in creative writing and journalism, she coaches authors for The MediaCasters. Helping artists break through creative blocks is one of her passions.

When she isn't writing and editing, she reads, runs, and hangs with her husband, daughter, and Shetland sheepdogs. Nicki is also an award-winning belly dancer.

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N. N. Light
N. N. Light
Sep 18, 2023

Thank you, Nicki, for sharing your book in our Fall Into These Great Reads Bookathon!

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