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5+ stars for Unhinged (Brendon Luke Book 3) by Brendon Luke #selfhelp #memoir #bookreview

Title: Unhinged (Brendon Luke Book 3)

Author: Brendon Luke

Genre: Self-Help, Memoir

Book Blurb:

Unhinged, A self help guide on how to f**k up your life. Is a series of short stories that eventually led the author to his own sanity through the growth and years of his mid 20's. It's a satire at nature but highlights some confronting issues like suicide, anorexia and alcoholism. Unhinged is the third book from author Brendon Luke in his series of self-published stories based on real life.

My Review:

"You should never be ashamed of who you are! You can disappoint yourself, and it’s ok; you can make huge life-changing f**k ups, and it’s ok! But damn, I'd rather f**king try f**king something up, than to have never f**ked it up to begin with." - Brendon Luke

Unhinged is not your ordinary self-help book. There's no platitudes, soft language and/or fluff, but rather an honest, in your face, best friend telling you like it is, memoir of how to live your life. Told in short stories, Brendon Luke describes in great detail how he dealt with some serious issues like suicide, anorexia, and alcoholism through his 20's and came out the other side. In Unhinged, he empowers readers to be free to f**k up their lives and stand proud, because as he says in the quote above, you should never be ashamed of who you are.

Unhinged is a powerful self-help book and one I believe every single person needs to read. Man alive, I wish this book was around when I was floundering in my 20's. Brendon Luke has a gift for reaching people through his prose without having to use flowery clichés. He speaks the truth about life and how it's so important to not be embarrassed of yourself. I connected with him on so many levels and I know many readers will too. If you're looking for an original self-help book you won't be able to stop reading, pick up Unhinged. Highly recommend!

My Rating: 5+ stars

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Author Biography:

EVERYTHING IS PERSONAL. INCLUDING THIS STORY Life can be a veneer of colours, as in, that a decorative covering can always be applied to the already coarser piece of material that you're trying to cover up. This Story, this me, is no cover up. You're invited to every part of my life, i hope you bloody enjoy it. ​Hey! So Glad You're Here.

One gay, writing to the world, about the world. One man writing about what he has done, and probably why he has done it. One driven human being, one being, maybe sometimes more, that discovered, that once you decide, to do you, things can be a hell of a lot easier. Welcome to my life, welcome to my story, welcome to everything that is to come. Pick me up, the book idiots, give it a go, i hope you enjoy it. This book was born for many reasons. The main one was a way to release anger because of the toxic culture I was involved in at my past work place. My feelings spilled onto the pages like word vomit; the tears and sweat I had endured during my time at KRONOS was now being replaced with the wine I was drinking, and the words that were being created into pages, that eventually became the story, Just Another Ordinary Boy. The anger that had been created was now leaving my body. I was becoming myself again. I had been so lost with the vicious nature that had become entwined in from my toxic work culture. This was a way for me to become myself again, once i had told the KRONOS story on the pages in front of me, the writing bug had infected my body. Those stories of pain and grief allowed me to write about all the good times that came after it, and all the great ones that had come before it. This is a piece of work that became a form of art and love that I would forsake. Though hate started this book, love conquered it in the end. From the seeds of hate, love grew into a huge tree that any one would swing on and enjoy the sunset that was in the distance.

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Reviewed by: Mrs. N


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