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Until We Get It Right by @CadenceVonn is a Love and Romance Festival pick #eroticromance #giveaway

Title: UNTIL WE GET IT RIGHT – Book 3 of The Blacke Brothers Series



Book Blurb:

It’s lust at first sight when Dr. Luke Blacke meets the woman overseeing the renovation of his house. After landing a job in his home town, his first order of business is finding his own place and getting out from under his brother’s roof where things go bump in the night, day, and anytime Mark and his fiancée feel in the mood.

Toni Berg is out to prove to her bastard of a brother that she’s a capable architect and can handle the project manager’s job for Luke Blacke, a new customer whose work will bring in a hefty paycheck for the company. The instant magnetism between her and the tall, handsome doctor requires discretion. That doesn’t prevent the lovers from discovering the kinky side of their attraction.

But the property Luke buys holds a secret someone wants and will do anything to obtain. Luke must protect Toni or lose the woman who has opened up a world of sexual pleasures and who brings to life their erotic fantasies. Lust turns to love as danger lurks within the walls of his house.

UNTIL WE GET IT RIGHT is the 2020 N.N. Light’s Book Award Winner for Erotic Romance.


Angela sat in the sun. Her head rested against the back of an Adirondack chair, her eyes hidden behind sunglasses as Luke and Toni approached. He got the impression she scrutinized them like a vulture waiting to swoop in and steal the prize.

“Done riding?” she asked in her throat-clogging sweet voice.

“Yes. For the first time, I took it slow,” he replied.

They attempted to ignore her as they opened the door to enter the house.

“I’d love to see Luke’s plans,” she said.

“When they’re finished,” Toni shot back at the woman, not giving her a chance to ask to come inside.

They removed their shoes in the outer area, and when Luke reached over to lock the door, Toni stilled his hand. “She has a key to that door so she can get in and take care of the animals if I’m not home. I lock the next door when I’m here. I’m the only one with a key to that door.” She took his hand and pulled him inside, shooing Jumbles out of the way when he bounded over, tongue lolling out the side of his mouth.

“Upstairs.” She laughed and pushed his hands away from engulfing her. She led him up the staircase and along a long hall. They entered a double-doored room.

“Wow, this is your bedroom?” He scanned the space. A vaulted ceiling opened up the area, which was decorated in different shades of whites and greens. They sat on the window seat that overlooked the back yard and the farm pond.

“This space is like you, beautiful yet down to earth. I think this window seat will be a favorite place to make love. When’s the next time Angela will be gone?” He nibbled her neck, waiting for an answer.

“She usually takes off Wednesdays and heads out for the night. I have no idea where she goes.” She stroked over Luke’s whiskers. “These are new.”

“Weekend scruff when I’m not on call. I’ll shave if you prefer a smooth chin.” He winked at her.

“No, this is good.” She rubbed back and forth. Let’s get cleaned up. I want to show you the rest of the house, and if you think this is a cool place for sex, wait until you see my playroom.”

He coughed. His tongue stumbled over the idea. “I can’t believe you have a playroom.”

“Doesn’t everyone?” she said and added a flirty shrug.

“Depends. We call ours a family room. People with children might call it a playroom. But a single person with a playroom raises eyebrows, a la Fifty Shades.”

Toni’s eyes narrowed. “Do you find the idea of that type of playroom disturbing?”

“I’m not sure. Do you do what you do to men?”

“What do you think I do?”

“Jeez, I’m digging a hole. Show me your playroom. I’m sure we can negotiate our likes and dislikes.”

“Follow me.” She sashayed along the hall to a locked door.


Toni hesitated outside the door to what she called her playroom. She turned to Luke and raised her eyebrow. “Promise me this won’t change anything between us? We can work through our differences.”

“You have me really curious. I assumed you were teasing back in your bedroom. Is it really some sex dungeon or something?”

“Not exactly. I happen to have a strange hobby.”

“Aren’t horses your hobby?” He frowned.

“Besides my work, they’re my passion. This is more like a collection addiction.”

“What do you collect? Let’s go in. You have me so curious because you said it would be a great place to have sex.”

She opened the door and clicked on the lights. Racks of garment bags hung along the perimeter. A floor-to-ceiling mirror was mounted on one wall. A chaise lounge stood majestically in the center.

“What’s in all the bags?” He lowered the zipper on the closest bag.

“Don’t laugh.”

He pulled open the flaps and gaped at the things hanging inside.

“My mom loved the theatre. She was in a lot of plays as I grew up. When they ended, she bought some of the costumes. Over the years, I’ve added to the collection and had them all cleaned. I love coming in here and pretending to be anything I want to be.” She clutched his arm. “Say something.”

“Do you have costumes for men?”

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What’s your favorite part about being a romance author?

Writing for all the amazing readers who devour Romance books like candy. They’re the best readers out there. I love to write all the hot sexy parts they enjoy. But the best part of being a romance writer is giving the readers what they crave – A happily every after!

Here’s my tip to add romance to your love life:

Be a good listener. Spoil the person you love by knowing what makes them happy. Whether it’s a bouquet of flowers, a book of poetry or a quiet evening together on the couch — Give it from the heart.


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Author Biography:

Cadence has a BFA in photography and silversmithing. She is an accomplished doodler and daydreamer who discovered she enjoys writing down the stories that dance in her head. After many years in Pennsylvania, her dream came true. She now resides with her husband on an island in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. She wakes every morning to a sunrise over the Puget Sound where each day she’s inspired by the beauty. Available books:

Play A Game With Me

The Perception Game

The Blacke Brothers Novels

Revving Her Heart

From Denver to Forever

Until We Get It Right


Who Knew…It Takes Two!

Who Knew…His Friend Would Do!

Beautiful Will Do

Fantasy Lover

A Choice & Consequence Novel


Houston (Spring of 2021)

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