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5+ stars for Whiskey Secrets by Joy Allyson #historicalromance #roaring20s #bookreview

Title: Whiskey Secrets

Author: Joy Allyson

Genre: Historical Romance, Roaring 20s, Prohibition


Book Blurb:


Their world is collapsing!


 Prohibition has reached its tentacles into the hollows of Tennessee. It’s no secret Tom Tanner’s Tennessee Whiskey heirs are playing both sides of the law to save their livelihood—the challenge is not getting caught.


Tom Tanner Kittrell risks life and limb to protect his family’s legacy in a deadly gamble. Will Cammie Johnson, his beautiful neighbor, with temperance vigilante ties, reveal his secret?


Dillon Tanner, hell-bent on revenge after being wrongly accused, abducts pretty flapper, Lily Stonecipher, hoping she holds the key to who’s behind a takeover attempt. 


Kit Kittrell yearns to experience the freedom of the roaring twenties, from the thrill of speakeasies to the daring of bootlegging. Will town bad boy, Alex Stooksbury, step in to rescue her from certain disaster?


As the public’s thirst for spirits remains unquenchable, their lives and loves become inextricably entangled in the prohibition era.    


My Review:


One family will risk it all to keep their whiskey business afloat in the Prohibition era. Whiskey Secrets is an intoxicating read and no, I don't mean all the whiskey talk. The setting is the roaring twenties where booze is illegal and the public floods the speakeasies guzzling down whatever liquor they can get their hands on. The world-building is first class with intricate historical detail. The descriptive narration is lush and filled with nuances. But it's the characters which make Whiskey Secrets an unputdownable read.


Let's start with the world-building. Joy Allyson creates a world set in the 1920s where Prohibition is going strong. She layers in historical fact within her imaginative world. I thoroughly enjoyed immersing myself in the lush setting and world. Joy Allyson surpassed my expectations. Well done. 


The characters are steeped in realism with their one voice and personality. This historical accuracy is present in each character which I loved. The tension builds between the characters to make this story impossible to put down. Do I have a favorite? I have a couple but I'll let you decide which ones you like best.


The plot progression and flow are perfect in my opinion. The writing is flawless and sophisticated. I found myself reading late into the night. I truly enjoyed Whiskey Secrets and I look forward to reading it again.


My Rating: 5+ stars


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Author Biography:


As the daughter of a United States military officer, Joy Allyson grew up with a love of travel and a deep appreciation of history. A former teacher-turned-writer, she has an unquenchable thirst for historical romances for her reading choices. Her favorite characters – are rebel heroines and salvageable scoundrels. Joy believes the best romances are the ones you want to read over and over again.


 She resides among the beautiful hills of Tennessee with her husband and near her two daughters and six grandchildren.


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Reviewed by: Nancy


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