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4.5 stars for Your Desire by @DeeSKnight #eroticromance #paranormalromance #bookreview

Title: Your Desire

Author: Dee S. Knight

Genre: Erotic Paranormal Romance

Book Blurb:

Your Desire. A mysterious shop appears in town for one reason: to bring the spice of passion and the thrill of love to one special person. Magic is in more than the item purchased—it’s in the heart of the buyer, often hidden, usually surprising. And after enchantment takes hold and the fantasy is fulfilled? The store fades from sight and memory, only to reappear somewhere else. Maybe in your town…?

My Review:

A magical shop named Your Desire pops up in town with one mission: to bring the magic and intoxication of love to one special person. It’s more than just magical trinkets, it’s a passionate interlude where two lost souls find each other. Be on the lookout, for Your Desire may reappear in your town.

Your Desire is a duet of erotic paranormal romances where two couples find love, thanks to enchanted dresses. I liked the first story but found it hard to connect with Derica. The sexual tension in the first story was palpable and helped move along the plot. The second story, Awards Night, touched me from the beginning and I loved every minute of it. The characters in the second story were so well-written, I didn’t want it to end. The plot in both stories moved at a good pace with plenty of hot interludes. Nigel, the shop owner, has to be my favorite character.

If you’re looking for a spicy escape from your everyday life, pick up Your Desire today. It’ll heat your body and singe your soul. Highly recommend!

My Rating: 4.5 stars

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Author Biography:

A few years ago, Dee S. Knight began writing, making getting up in the morning fun. During the day, her characters killed people, fell in love, became drunk with power, or sober with responsibility. And they had sex, lots of sex.

After a while, Dee split her personality into thirds. She writes as Anne Krist for sweeter romances, and Jenna Stewart for ménage and shifter stories. All three of her personas are found on the Nomad Authors website ( Fortunately, Dee’s high school sweetheart is the love of her life and husband to all three ladies! Once a month, look for Dee’s Charity Sunday blog posts, where your comment can support a selected charity.

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Reviewed by: Mrs. N

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Jul 21, 2020

Thank you so very much!!

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