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Meet fantasy author @Mejuarian_Queen and her latest release #authorinterview #fantasy #bookboost

I first met Zola Blue two years ago when she asked us to promote The Four, book one of her fantasy adventure series. She then asked for my assistance with editing. She’s got such a wonderful talent for writing fantasy adventure, especially her series. I utterly enjoy working with her on her latest release, Courage of One. I asked if she would be willing to sit down for an interview and she agreed. So grab your favorite beverage and join us. Take it away, Zola:

What is your writing process?

I love to think about my projects at night before I go to sleep. My mind strolls down roads I have never been down, and on these roads, I find a new story to share. Whether it is a new book or part of a series I am already writing.

Do you have any odd writing habits?

I write my notes on a piece of paper and put it by my computer instead of making online notes. The pen and paper work great for me, so when thoughts come to my mind about my writing, I can write then down.

What book do you wish you could have written?

I wish I could have written The Chronicles of Narnia. I love the fantastic stories in the series and the mystical characters created by C. S. Lewis.

Just as your books inspire authors, what authors have inspired you?

Robert Jordan, C. S. Lewis, Dean Koontz, Charlotte Bronte, VC Andrews, and of course, J.R.R Tolkien.

How important are names to you in your books? Do you choose the names based on liking the way it sounds or the meaning?

The names in my book are significant to me. Each name has its own story. For example, names can sometimes determine the type of personality of character it is associated with. I then model the character around the name or the name around the character.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I hope to be writing full-time and have some success. I want to share the good and the world, and with my faith in God and his goodness in my life, I am sure it will happen.

Thanks for the great questions, they made me really think about what I have done.

You’re so welcome, Zola. Readers, scroll down to read all about her release, Courage of One. I highly recommend it!

Title: Courage of One

Author: Zola Blue

Genre: Fantasy Adventure

Book Blurb:

In ancient times on earth, there lived a race called Dragonors. Following in a tradition to gain status and recognition in the village, those able would compete in rigorous games of cunning and abilities. Tournaments culminated into a weapon battle to the death or submission while riding a dragon; at its end, the winner was given status within the village.

In this event, a blacksmith named Luken intended to win and gain the regard necessary to ask for Talulah's hand in marriage from her father Ephenio, lord of the village, competed in the challenge. Luken, who had no dragon or experience dragon-riding or battling, had no choice but to win against all the other competitors for his love. The final contest pits him against the worthiest aggressor. He is fortunate to use the more aggressive dragon of his true love, Talulah, that carries the battle and allows him a most unlikely victory.

Over time the happiness of Luken and the Dragonor princess turned to despair as men invade their once pristine swamplands. The earthlings eventually caused the death of Talulah, and the great Lords of the Dragonors decide to leave the earth instead of destroying men.

Dragonors run into unlikely allies in their new lands, the Mejuarian, and the two different groups in all ways and mannerism develop friendships and a familial bond. This closeness compelled the valiant dragon riders to assist the king of the Mejuarian in the recovery of his missing mewlings.

As luck would have it, King Teloby also discovers a new diminutive race interested in a friendly alliance with both the Mejuarian and Dragonors.  A meeting with Marina, Queen of the Arvunglies, revealed that she has found one of the three missing nests and treasures it as a colorful bauble. The little queen agreed to return the nest happily. Still, she told them that rescue of the other two could prove a challenge. To retrieve the babies, they had to venture and most likely defeat a rogue dragon that attacked their small village from time to time.

On earth in 1960, Ren discovers two nests while exploring by a lake.  His father, a veterinarian, drew an interest in them and took them back to his facility for further investigation. Ren feared they were UFOs with body-snatching capabilities. Ren's fears soon disappear when his father indirectly hatched the two creatures in his incubator and discovers they are lovely, intelligent creatures that reminded him of some rare species of puppies.

Unaware that the missing nests fell to earth off the airship on their way to the Dragonor land, king Teloby prepared himself. For the next day, the three groups would head out for the dubious task of entering and searching the dragon's lair for his missing mewling.


“What the…” Mark walked up and gazed at the objects. “Freaking weird, dude.”

“Yeah, I know.” Like he found them, the pods had only a small charring upon them. Other than that, Ren believed that they were perfect as when the aliens created them. Like in the movies, the two of them sat in the warming chambers, appearing as designer bobbles waiting for their host. “Touch one. I dare you.”

“What did your dad say they were?” Mark gazed at the object then tapped on the screen.

“He does not know. He thinks they are something manmade. I believe they are UFO’s that dropped from that meteor the night we snagged the candy.”

“Unreal, man.”

Ren stepped in front of Mark, opened the incubator hatch, and felt one of the objects. Warmth continued to radiate from the pods. The intensity of the alien inside it felt much more potent than it did the day he found them, which he found odd. “Touch it, doofus. It won't hurt you.”

Mark reluctantly touched the object and jerked his hand back quickly. “What is that? I felt something.”

Ren laughed, “I know, right? An alien, and it's getting stronger,” he replied in a spooky tone. “We better split before they hatch. Sorry Dusty, but I think it should take your body over mine.”

“Stop the crap, Ren,” Mark told him, hurriedly walking away. The two of them left the building.

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Author Biography

Born in Florida, I am a resident of the US, but now I reside on a lovely island in British Columbia, Canada, with my husband and two dogs, and one cat.

I love to read, and over my lifetime, I have probably read hundreds of books. Now that life has given me a bit more time to concentrate on my personal time, I am building my relationship with God and writing fun, fanciful fiction stories that blend over into the fantasy realm.

I hope that each time I put words on the paper, they make my readers want more and desire to voraciously continue reading.

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N. N. Light
N. N. Light

Thank you, Zola, for the great interview!

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