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Join the Mejuarian Adventure... penned by @Mejuarian_Queen #fantasy #bookseries #bookish

Join the Mejuarian Adventure...

Title: The Four: Destruction of Honor

Author: Zola Blue

Genre: Fantasy

Book Blurb:

Book one begins the fantasy epic, where a race of powerful magic users, living upon the planet Ercutis, promised to only use their magic for the good of their people and not interfere with the lives of others upon the earth or other planets. 

The left the ways of their elders, and began to meddle with the earthling, creating havoc among them. Because they left the ways of their elders, they cursed themselves, and their lands began dying. The race faces imminent annihilation.

A wizard, wizardess, sorcerer, sorceress combine their magic forces to become "The Great One - Thire-los." The Great One brings back order within the village, but cannot return their ability to have offspring. Thire-los uses their special magic and creates offspring, called Mejuarian, to carry on the existence of the Ercutians.


On the fourth moon at midnight, Lotus, Thie, Os, and Ireania met in the garden's grassy field to make sure that no other Ercutians were aware of their plot. 

“Don’t break the circle,” Thie told them. Neither magic user was exactly sure what was about  to occur. Nervously they waited in anticipation for Thie to finish his incantations.  

“Roj ixeal cd’aozro epo,” he commanded loudly in the old tongue.

“Let four become one.” 

Violently, Thie’s staff began to vibrate, and surges of forceful water came from it and shot into the chests of Lotus, Thie, Os, and Ireania. Its force was so strong that it held them captive, and their bodies drifted upward off the ground. Lost beneath a curtain of energy radiating from their bodies, Thie’s wooden staff glowed vividly, and its power drained their energies, magic, and identities.

Suddenly, a focused flash of bright red light radiated outward from the staff and impregnated fields around them in an intense red light that made it look like the meadow was ablaze. Encased in an inescapable pocket of water, their bodies trembled helplessly; they continued to hang from streams of water that seized each of them in four watery bubbles. Moments later, Thie’s wooden staff sucked back its turbulent commotion, and the inflamed reddish light disappeared. Again, darkness covered them. Mighty waters abated as well, and Thie, Lotus, Os and Ireania fell back upon soft grasslands. The ground quaked, and a fierce wind erupted, and while their bodies lay lifelessly upon the grass, omnipotent colored lightning bolts whirled out and upward from each of them.  

The spectral lights jetted into the heavens. Blue, silver, black, and gold forces reached upward, twisted themselves into a single strand of rainbow-colored light that turned into a bright star. It then plummeted downward and hovered over their lifeless bodies, until Thie’s, Lotus', Os’, and Ireania’s bodies disappeared, sucked into the organ of bright light. Their bodies life force, emotions, and magic were consumed into a bright star, and it rested upon Thie’s staff, hovering. Moments later, the star shattered, and everything grew quiet, and nothing moved. An explosion of light suddenly broke out above the ground and an Ercutian male grasping Thie’s staff appeared. 

Thire-los’ muscular body filled out the black robe that Thie always wore. It  no longer hung loosely, instead fitted snuggly over Os’ immense shape. Strong, burly arms lifted above his head and held the staff tightly until the strong surges of its power curtailed. Thie’s face, no longer hidden, had a silvery complexion upon a blemish-free face, and it appeared to glow mystically as Ireania’s once did. Aqua blue eyes, those that belonged to Lotus, peered out from a face that radiated youth. However, Thie’s facial features appeared to be dominant in Thire-los, but his hair was no longer thin, but thick, long, heavy strands  crinkled slightly.  

Thire-los was all of them and none of them at the same time. There was a magic potency that surrounded Thire-los, unimaginable by each of them alone. The staff shook as if the power within was too strong, they grasped it in a tight grip as it quivered forcefully. An unconquerable surge of force took over.  

In a brief instant, Thie, Lotus, Os, and Ireania had become one. Thire-los was born. 

Nevertheless, they were one with multiple personalities, thoughts, feelings, and abilities. Each of them continued to exist. Their ideas were clearer, and emotions once foreign to them now flooded within all of their minds, creating sensations that they never realized existed.  

Thie felt Lotus’ love for others. Ireania experienced the greatness of Os’ anger. Lotus knew things she never imagined with the injection of Thie’s knowledge, and Os felt Ireania’s compassion for nature, something he never longed for or desired. 

“None are greater than we,” Thire-los bellowed. “I can feel my fearsome power.” 

Mount Theos Palace was soon built by Thire-los. Its ornate build hovered miles above Talxenau and sat upon fluffy clouds high in the sky. It represented the influence and authority that they had reached, for they built it with white pristine enchanted marble that was mined by the Ercutians centuries ago, but had been locked away by elders because of its unique properties. Even so, with no one to stand against them, Thire-los used these sacred materials to create their ornate floating castle walls. Pillars of polished gold floated above invisible floors, encapsulating Thie’s extravagance and Lotus’ need for beauty. For Ireania, lovely flowers bloomed in crystal vases, and for Os there were stone statues of fearsome winged creatures resting upon brightly shining pedestals. An invisible enchanted floor made Mount Theos Palace appear as if it rested upon puffy white clouds, and it needed no light fixtures, magical fires, or oil lamps since it had no roof.  

Because Thie loathed disorder, he considered most things unnecessary clutter. Except for the pillars, Os’ statues and Ireania’s flowers, only their throne decorated their magnificent palace. Mount Theos Palace had a haunting, mystical emptiness.  

Thire-los rested upon their decorative throne made of ivory, which Os brought back with him from his exploits on Earth. There they planned to judge the Ercutians that left Ercutis as well as those who brought harm to magic users and their kingdom. Three stairs led upward to its seat, and upon its front were images of giant sea serpents. Long, scaled bodies snaked down massive stone arms, and the tips of their tails sat intertwined upon the first stair. Painted in delightful blues to resemble scaly bodies, the powerful water creatures had an almost realistic appearance. Deep, serpent eyes glared cold-bloodedly forward as if they too prepared to judge those guilty before Thire-los.  

The throne had a deep seat and high back, and purple pillows stuffed with soft feathers folded around their body when Thire-los rested upon it. Os desired comfort and refused to spend long hours on any solid surface, and long hours they did spend on that seat for violators were brought to humbly kneel before them upon an ivory saucer-shaped platform below, showing the honor to Thire-los that they deserved.  

“I do not know why they must kneel,” Lotus remarked one day. Thie and Os believed this necessary to strengthen their leadership, but Lotus and Ireania, sensitive characters of love and compassion as they were, did not agree. 

“I agree with Lotus. This is not necessary. Everyone will know that Thire-los will be king over them.” 

“It does not matter if they know or not. They will bow,” said Thie. 

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Author Biography

Born in Florida, I am a resident of the US, but now I reside on a lovely island in British Columbia, Canada, with my husband and two dogs, and one cat.

I love to read, and over my lifetime, I have probably read hundreds of books. Now that life has given me a bit more time to concentrate on my personal time, I am building my relationship with God and writing fun, fanciful fiction stories that blend over into the fantasy realm.

I hope that each time I put words on the paper, they make my readers want more and desire to voraciously continue reading.

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Title Bound In Strength: Stance Upon Heartache (Book II Mejuarian Series)

Author Zola Blue

Genre Fantasy

Book Blurb

For god-like creatures named Mejuarian living on planet Ecrutis, their world was near perfect.

Mejuarian, a cross between an animal and godly beings, have a splendorous village where everyone gets along. They live in a hierarchal society, and everyone loves their king and queen. A near utopian life that allows all Mejuarian to rise to their most extraordinary levels of consciousness. That is until they discover using systems much like our own, an asteroid is on course to decimate their village and erase their long history. Short notice, they plan to move all inhabitants, along with those bound to them by their magical powers, to the other side of their planet and reside in the lands of their long time ally and trade partners, the Dragonors.

Very upsetting to many Mejuarian mothers and fathers having mewlings is that their ancient tradition of birthing nests on an ancestral altar would be away from their homes.

However, all seems to go as planned, and they depart with all twelve ships successfully. One ship dedicated to moving the birth alter intact with nests placed on it trails the fleet. Unfortunately, the Mejuar scientist's slight miscalculation allowed for the meteor's early arrival. A shockwave forces the underpowered, overloaded ship carrying the nests to crash land. Before its descent, a piece of the broken altar is dragged into space, and two of its occupants.

On earth, a family torn with grief after the loss or their mother tries to enjoy a day of convalescing by a local lake. Hubert, the local veterinarian with his two children Ren a teen, and Brooklyn, his baby sister, are exploring after a picnic lunch. Ren discovers the charred nests and is curious as to what they are. Hubert also becomes interested in the unusual possible chrysalids. The inquisitive vet takes the nests back to his facility and uses the extent of written and photo journals available to him in 1960. He is unable to identify them and ponders, what are they?


Happy tunes from the village delighted Syberias that morning as she sat in the kitchen, preparing to have her morning tea. Tyrion was away in the fields, so using this time, she replenished yesterday’s worn energies. Like many other Mejuarian females, the elation of the eagerness of a new mother embraced her heart.

She contemplated the birth of their mewling. So, Syberias decided to read the ambrosia leaves in her morning tea as she sat quietly, meditating on her mewling nest. Syberias’ mother taught her the enchantment, telling her that Thire-los taught the blessing to the Mejuarians many long cycles ago. Few Mejuarian still practiced this mystical art or any enchantments these days. Yet, adept in her skills, secretly reading the leaves for others helped her purchase silken fabrics and pretty jewels. She sewed her own clothing and crafted precious ornaments to embellish herself in dress and body like the other Mejuarian socialites.

Vivid images stirred around, disturbing her. Images of her nest, the Mejuarian Fleet, and fiery red balls dropping from the sky, all these frightened her. She decided to reread the leaves. Pouring out her cup of tea, making another, she prayed that what she saw early was a misreading on her part. Her hands quivered fretfully when she placed the container on the table; she once again began to enchant her tea.

“Ajao ex qd d’aoiipw

kiiwvj ex gvuj giirr zeqo

Lohour qd xujo je qo

Ke II speg qakj d’ao yepo

Future of my being,

Sight of what will come

Reveal my fate

So, I know what must be done.”

Golden honey-orange leaves stirred slowly within the cup; anxiety grew within her. Syberias held her breath, watching the darkened images start appearing. At first, only dark shadows and now, colorful pictures arose from the cup, spinning before her face. Her nest, Nymeria’s nest, Captain Jonas, floated around her until a mass of fire enveloping them all dragged them back into the cup. She cried out when the explosion consumed the images of the Mejuarian, and objects close to her. She picked up the teacup and shook fretfully, causing the hot liquid to spill, burning her hand slightly. The cup fell to the floor, and the frail porcelain broke into shards, spilling tea over her newly cleaned floor.

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Title Courage of One

Author Zola Blue

Genre Fantasy

Book Blurb

In ancient times on earth, there lived a race called Dragonors. Following in a tradition to gain status and recognition in the village, those able would compete in rigorous games of cunning and abilities. Tournaments culminated into a weapon battle to the death or submission while riding a dragon; at its end, the winner was given status within the village.

In this event, a blacksmith named Luken intended to win and gain the regard necessary to ask for Talulah's hand in marriage from her father Ephenio, lord of the village, competed in the challenge. Luken, who had no dragon or experience dragon-riding or battling, had no choice but to win against all the other competitors for his love. The final contest pits him against the worthiest aggressor. He is fortunate to use the more aggressive dragon of his true love, Talulah, that carries the battle and allows him a most unlikely victory.

Over time the happiness of Luken and the Dragonor princess turned to despair as men invade their once pristine swamplands. The earthlings eventually caused the death of Talulah, and the great Lords of the Dragonors decide to leave the earth instead of destroying men.

Dragonors run into unlikely allies in their new lands, the Mejuarian, and the two different groups in all ways and mannerism develop friendships and a familial bond. This closeness compelled the valiant dragon riders to assist the king of the Mejuarian in the recovery of his missing mewlings.

As luck would have it, King Teloby also discovers a new diminutive race interested in a friendly alliance with both the Mejuarian and Dragonors.  A meeting with Marina, Queen of the Arvunglies, revealed that she has found one of the three missing nests and treasures it as a colorful bauble. The little queen agreed to return the nest happily. Still, she told them that rescue of the other two could prove a challenge. To retrieve the babies, they had to venture and most likely defeat a rogue dragon that attacked their small village from time to time.

On earth in 1960, Ren discovers two nests while exploring by a lake.  His father, a veterinarian, drew an interest in them and took them back to his facility for further investigation. Ren feared they were UFOs with body-snatching capabilities. Ren's fears soon disappear when his father indirectly hatched the two creatures in his incubator and discovers they are lovely, intelligent creatures that reminded him of some rare species of puppies.

Unaware that the missing nests fell to earth off the airship on their way to the Dragonor land, king Teloby prepared himself. For the next day, the three groups would head out for the dubious task of entering and searching the dragon's lair for his missing mewling.


“What the…” Mark walked up and gazed at the objects. “Freaking weird, dude.”

“Yeah, I know.” Like he found them, the pods had only a small charring upon them. Other than that, Ren believed that they were perfect as when the aliens created them. Like in the movies, the two of them sat in the warming chambers, appearing as designer bobbles waiting for their host. “Touch one. I dare you.”

“What did your dad say they were?” Mark gazed at the object then tapped on the screen.

“He does not know. He thinks they are something manmade. I believe they are UFO’s that dropped from that meteor the night we snagged the candy.”

“Unreal, man.”

Ren stepped in front of Mark, opened the incubator hatch, and felt one of the objects. Warmth continued to radiate from the pods. The intensity of the alien inside it felt much more potent than it did the day he found them, which he found odd. “Touch it, doofus. It won't hurt you.”

Mark reluctantly touched the object and jerked his hand back quickly. “What is that? I felt something.”

Ren laughed, “I know, right? An alien, and it's getting stronger,” he replied in a spooky tone. “We better split before they hatch. Sorry Dusty, but I think it should take your body over mine.”

“Stop the crap, Ren,” Mark told him, hurriedly walking away. The two of them left the building.

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N. N. Light
N. N. Light
Jul 19, 2021

Thank you, Zola, for sharing your book series with us!

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