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5 stars for 192 Days Missing (Sara Flores, Werewolf P.I. Book 2) #paranormalmystery #thriller

Title: 192 Days Missing (Sara Flores, Werewolf P.I. Book 2)

Author: Sue Denver

Genre: Paranormal Mystery, Paranormal Thriller

Book Blurb:

When a billionaire wants you dead… how do you survive?

Alaska Brown hasn’t been seen since she disappeared from a casino parking lot. The cops say she left willingly. The FBI isn’t looking. Private investigator Sara Flores has found nine missing people since she was turned into a werewolf. Her secret gives her an edge, but in this case it may not be enough. The trail is too cold and there are too many suspects — how could one woman have so many enemies?

Worst of all, Sara’s caught the scent of something very evil here. A man who thinks his wealth excuses any perversion. A man who doesn’t see the rest of us as even human. If Alaska is still alive, her terror must be unimaginable. Can Sara and her team of misfits really take down a billionaire — or is this the case that gets them all killed?

My Review:

I am becoming a huge paranormal fan and this book seals it for me! The author is creating a great original take on this genre and it's super exciting.

Sara as the lead is both the best werewolf ever and the best wolf shifter too. The powers that Sara has are so incredible. She is the female superhero the world needs. The little group that works with Sara are also imminently likeable. The character development done here is top of the mark. Even the bad guys are so well developed that you can get a hate on for them fast.

If you have read the first book in this series, then this book is a must read. If you are a fan of strong female leads in paranormal then you will love this book. Definitely want to read the first book of this series. This is a great book, and I am recommending it to everyone!

My Rating: 5 stars

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Author Biography:

Did you ever want to be more than yourself? I always have. As a kid, I imagined I lived up in the clouds with a band of other kids. We would swoop down — because we could fly! — and rescue people in trouble. And we’d beat the crap out of their abusers. When I got older, I became obsessed with crime and mysteries. I wanted to know how someone could track down evil doers and peel back their false faces — exposing them to the world. The day I quit my corporate job — my dreams came true. Today I spend my days throwing my character, Sara Flores, at one criminal mastermind after another — just to see what she can do. And… I cheated. I let her be more than herself by making her a werewolf — the only magical creature in a world otherwise just like ours. Because I wanted to see what she could do with a wolf’s senses and strength. And wildness. So join me for stories of ruthless criminals, suspicious cops, and Sara’s small band of misfits fighting to save us all. Test drive my world with a free story at

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Reviewed by: Tiger

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