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How #ChampWeek Inspired MRS N to Embrace Her Inner Champion! #MarchMadness #MondayBlogs #inspiration

"I think self-discipline is something, it's like a muscle. The more you exercise it, the stronger it gets." -- Daniel Goldstein

Yesterday was Selection Sunday for NCAA Mens Basketball (also known as March Madness). We've become huge fans of college hoops and watched a lot on the Ticket this year. We were glued to the conference championships this past weekend and I was fascinated by how resilient these kids are. It's a one and done tourney and the last one standing is the champ.

Self-Discipline is a quality I'm getting quite familiar with yet still struggle to not break down when my back is against the wall. When the going gets tough, I want to freak out but I push that instinct down and embrace my self-discipline.

Like the quote above states, the more you use self-discipline, the stronger it gets. The stronger it gets, the easier it is to endure hardships and struggles.

We all go through problems and conflicts yet those of us who are disciplined remain standing while the rest have fallen down. Push yourself harder than you have before and you'll see just how much you can take.

You're a strong individual and there's a champion inside you just aching to come out. All you have to do is let it take over and you'll be onto bigger and better things in no time.


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