He'll Risk it All... For Her -- Blame it on the Moon by @LiviaQuinn #bookreview #PNR #paranormal

Title: Blame it on the Moon

Author: Livia Quinn

Genre: Paranormal Romance, Urban Fantasy

Book Blurb:

It’s the height of the Para-moon and Sheriff Jack Lang is up to his ‘6’ in alligators. Defending those weaker than himself is in his DNA which is what drove him to become a Navy pilot. Who is he kidding? Alligators he could handle! But supernatural bad guys… and ragtag doesn’t begin to describe his band of temporary ’heroes’. If he has to go to war with the group that showed up at dawn, he might as well start cutting up white sheets and attaching them to garden stakes.

With Tempe and the other Paramortals ill or incapacitated and the sudden appearance of beings he’s never heard of, will Jack be able to keep Destiny out of the hands of their enemies for the rest of the power down? It’s only twenty-four hours.

If worse comes to worse, he has a dragon on his side and a few surprises up his sleeve. “Yippe, ki, yi…” But a lot can happen in twenty-four hours and things don’t always go as planned.

My Review:

It’s the middle of the Para-moon and all of Destiny’s Paramortals have not only lost their powers but some appear to be dying. Jack has never been more scared in his life because his girlfriend, Tempe, is severely ill and there’s nothing he can do about it. Just when things look bleak, Tempe’s mother comes back and no one seems happy to see her, least of all Jack.