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#ImProudofMyselfBecause ... I Didn't Freak Out When Faced With a Crisis! #inspiration #motivatio

"You are so strong, you don't realize it. You can call upon reserves in crisis. You saved me yesterday, you are amazing." -- MR N

On Saturday, while we were cutting up vegetables for MR N's famous marinara, a crisis happened. MR N's sharp chef's knife slipped and he cut into his middle finger. He ran to the washroom and said, "I cut myself." My stomach dropped and all I could think was where could I throw up.

I'm not good when it comes to blood and even worse when it comes to an injury of my beloved. He knows this and he did his best to calm my fears. He asked for my help and I ran to the washroom. I helped him by preparing a bandage with Polysporin. I tried not to glance at the water but couldn't help myself. It was a pinkish hue.

I knew I had to tamp down the panic swelling in my chest. Otherwise, both MR N and myself would be in the hospital and that wouldn't be a fun way to spend a weekend. I closed my eyes and meditated. I took shaky deep breaths and kept telling myself that it was going to be fine. MR N was going to be fine. It wasn't a deep cut and in a good place.

I spent the rest of the day taking care of MR N. He's very independent and usually doesn't ask for help but on Saturday, he asked for help. I was only too happy to oblige.

I'm very proud of myself because I didn't freak out. Sure, panic was my first reaction but then I used my inner strength to deal with the crisis.

How do you handle a crisis? Do you freak out and stick your head in the sand or do you calm yourself down enough to deal with whatever comes?

I find when faced with something bad, taking deep breaths and concentrating on one positive thought centers me and brings forth my She-Ra.

You can do the same!


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