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  • N. N. Light

Dreams Take Us to Levels We Normally Don't Attempt! #inspiration #motivation #dreams

Are you an active dreamer? Do you dream big?

Last night was the MLB Draft and I watched as young men achieved their dreams of making it to the big leagues. The awe and amazement reflected in their eyes reminded me I still have dreams to fulfill.

If you ask someone if they dream big, I bet they would shrug, not sure. Most people don't dream at all or if they dream, they only dream realistic dreams. Why? Fear.

If we dream big then that means we leave ourselves open to scorn and ridicule. But if we don't dream big, how are we supposed to live our dream life?

Dream big! The bigger the dreams, the bigger the reward when you achieve them!

I'm dreaming big and working harder than ever before to be successful. Who's with me?


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