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  • N. N. Light

When Someone Attacks, Take Comfort in These Words... #inspiration #ThursdayMotivation #ThursdayThoug

When someone personally attacks you, do you retreat or do you continue on the path you're on?

Yesterday we were attacked by someone who didn't like our book promotion. They tried to wound us before threatening us. While it stunned us at first, we logically took the right steps to protect ourselves. We were proactive and got ahead of the attacker.

This world is full of people intent on bullying, antagonizing and being cruel to anyone they can. It's a power trip and frankly, it's sad. How very high school of them. Tear someone down through words and actions before laughing themselves silly.

I find comfort in Thatcher's words. She dealt with droves of people who personally attacked her at every turn. Did it bother her? I'm sure it did but it didn't stop her from doing what is right. In fact, it strengthened her resolve and that's today's motivation.

No matter how many attacks you receive, keep going. Use the trolls for motivation and prove them wrong. Let the truth shine in you and stand up for yourself.


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