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I'd Rather Spread Sunshine Than Thunder, Wouldn't You? #inspiration #motivation #MondayMotiv

A little rain will fall . . . or a lot.

When the weather doesn't cooperate with your plans for the day, what do you do?

Yesterday, we had plans to go to our town's farmer's market. We had a list of things we needed to buy and we were going. The forecast kept talking about rain but we didn't care. We still went, but we took our umbrellas just in case. It was drizzling when we left out house and it was a downpour by the time we got to the farmer's market.

Did that stop us?

No way!

Instead of complaining and raising a fist at the weather, we made the best of it. We smiled, joked with the farmers/vendors and made everyone's day. We thanked them for their hard work and bringing the wonderful food for us to purchase. We had a great time.

By the time we got home, we were soaked to the skin and very exhausted. We still smiled, though, because we had a great time and spread sunshine where there wasn't any. Our smiles were beacons of Light.

Listen, Mother Nature is going to do what she does and there isn't anything we can do about it. We have two choices: we can grumble and complain or we can make the best of it and spread some smiles to others.

I'd rather spread sunshine than thunder, wouldn't you?


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