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Are You Taking Time to Unplug, Fully Relax and Just Enjoy the Moment? #relaxation #unplug #4thofJuly

Are you taking time to unplug, fully relax and just enjoy the moment?

Last night, we watched a couple episodes of The Andy Griffith Show. In one of the episodes, a gentleman's car breaks down two miles outside of Mayberry. He walks into town and asks Sheriff Taylor to take him to a mechanic to get his car fixed. He's in a big hurry and needs to get home right away.

Andy Taylor tries to explain to the gentleman that since it's Sunday, no one is working and even the phone line is tied up. The gentleman frets and tries his best to get his car fixed but to no avail. No one will listen to him and instead of relaxing, eating Aunt Bea's fine cooking and unplugging, he paces and lashes out. It isn't until Gomer fixes his car and the Taylors heap kindness on him, he finally understands what it means to unplug and just be in the moment.

After watching this poignant episode, I realized we, as a people, need to unplug more. Sometimes it takes an event like a car breaking down for us to see the value in putting down our devices and being in the moment.

Instead of walking down the street with our eyes on our device, look up at the trees, birds and sounds of nature. Take a few deep breaths and relax. Slow down and just be in the moment.

A special Happy 4th of July to Americans!


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