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What Secret Could Mr. Tannell be Hiding? The Tannell's Family Secret by Lashonda Beauregard @lbs

Title: The Tannell's Family Secret

Author: Lashonda Beauregard

Genre: Contemporary Fiction, Christian Fiction, Family Saga, Drama


The Tannells are the wealthiest family in the fictional town of Bayouville, Louisiana. They seem to have it all with money, power, and fame. Thomas and Savannah have always tried to paint the perfect picture of the Tannell family, but are they really perfect?

As a hurricane is approaching Bayouville, Louisiana, Mr. Tannell is dealing with a storm of his own. What secret could Mr. Tannell be hiding that could shatter the Tannells' image and empire?

What could the Dawson-Rollands, an average middle-class family, have that the Tannells don't?

The Tannell's Family Secret is a suspenseful, fiction story of two families, one rich, the other middle-class, that shows that things aren't always what they seem.


Jackie got out of the car and walked up to the Tannell's mansion. The mansion was beautiful at night. There were water fountains on each side of the set of steps leading up to the porch.

Jackie rang the doorbell. Shortly after she was greeted by Mr. Gilbert, the Tannnells' longtime butler. She was led to the table for dinner. Hazel was there to greet her friend. Soon after everyone was seated around the large dinner table.

Of course, all of the Tannell family was there tonight. Savannah, Mr. Tannell's wife was wearing a designer dress and expensive diamond bracelet on her wrist. She was sitting at the front of the dinner table. Mr. Tannell was just coming to sit at the table with his cell phone in his hand wearing an expensive suit dressed like he had just stepped out of a business meeting. Hazel was sitting next to her fiance Tristan. They seemed to be in their own world, holding hands. Ciara was sitting across the table facetiming on her cell phone with one of her friends. Jason, Hazel and Ciara's younger brother, was talking on his cell phone about a party next weekend. Even Donnie, Mr. Tannell's oldest son from a previous marriage, was there. Donnie was a young successful banker. Donnie was sitting next to his girlfriend Gina, a nursing student.

Mr. Tannell's cell phone started to ring as it was already clear that he was late coming home for dinner. He continued to answer his phone. From the sound of the conversation he had taken a business call about a merchandise shipment for his business. The look on Mrs. Tannell's face showed that she wasn't happy with Mr. Tannell for taking a business call at the dinner table as she tapped her polished nails on the expensive dinner table. After Mr. Tannell hung up the phone he said, "Sorry I'm late. My meeting went into overtime."

Jackie looked around the dinner table and noticed how different dinner at the Tannells' mansion was from dinner with her family.

Savannah took her fork and started to tap it against her wine glass to get everyone's attention, since everyone was conversating in each of their groups or talking on their cell phone.

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Author Biography:

Lashonda Beauregard is from Alexandria, Louisiana, and has lived in Lafayette, Louisiana. She is a graduate of the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. "I was voted most bashful, shyest girl in high school." Lashonda is the author of the books The Harlem Renaissance Time Traveler's Diary, The Mirror In My Dorm Room (A Time Travel Story), and the new book The Tannell's Family Secret. She enjoys writing poetry and music as well as stories.

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