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No Matter What You're Facing, Take This Advice From @TigerWoods! #inspiration #golf #motivation

When your back is against the wall and you're five strokes behind the lead, do you give up or do buckle down with your winning mindset?

Last Sunday, we watched the PGA Championship and witnessed something incredible. Tiger Woods. He played his best golf and he almost won. It was exciting, thrilling and motivating.

I remember when Tiger took the golf world by storm. Tiger Woods turned pro in 1996 and since then, he's broken several golf records. The past five years or so he's been injury-prone and it's been a struggle for him. He had every chance to give up and go home but he didn't. He worked hard and got himself back into contention.

Do you have a winning mindset like Tiger?

I do. It's what gets me through all the ups and downs of life. Like Tiger, I'm rebuilding our business and gaining an influx of new clientele. I've lost some with the transition which is sad for me but it's all part of the circle of life.

Success and winning are a daily struggle but so rewarding. It all starts with the right perspective and a winning attitude. So, as you go about your day today, be sure to have the right mindset and you'll win the day!


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