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What's Your #3WordLegacy? Make Sure Your Legacy is Etched Into Hearts Not Tombstones! #inspirati

What's your legacy? Name your three word legacy.

Yesterday, I ran across a cool trend on Twitter: #3wordlegacy. I ran through the feed before deciding to air mine. While many were pithy, hilarious, tongue-in-cheek, others were serious and straight from the heart.

When I am dead and buried, my hope is that many people will say my legacy was the following:

Spread the Light.

I first coined this motto back in 2013 while I was writing book one in the Princess of the Light series. It's simple to remember and even easier to accomplish.

Each of us carries Light inside. We're Light-Bearers and our purpose is to continue to share and spread the Light within. We're like candles whose wicks never go out. The more we touch people with our Light through love, kindness, compassion, good works, etc., the brighter our Light becomes and the further our reach. When we touch our Light to someone else, they will touch their Light to someone else, and so on. It's infectious, like a wildfire burning through the darkness.

What's your three word legacy?

Please share below. I'd love to know.

The greatest thing about building a legacy is the hearts and minds we touch throughout our journey.


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