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Feel Like You're in the Biggest Storm of Your Life and Want to Give Up? #inspiration #motivation

Feel like you're in the biggest storm of your life and want to give up?

Have faith and know deep in your heart you're headed for sunshine.

Life is filled with storms and sunshine. You're on a path and you're bound to run into some bad weather. There'll be thunder, lightning, winds and flooding. The key is making it through is to keep focused on where you want to go.

Back in February, we were in the biggest storm we ever faced in our business. We had to start over. It was grueling and there were many times when I clung to Mr. N in tears. Waves of grief threatened to drown us but we kept going. Seven months later, we're thriving and basking in the sunshine.

We didn't confuse our path for our destination. With every step, we inched our way out of the storm.

All it takes is perseverance and patience.

Take our advice and have faith. This storm you're in will soon pass and then you'll have to dig out your sunscreen.


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