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#MondayMotivation -- The Smallest Act of Kindness is Worth More Than the Grandest Intention #MondayB

It's a brand new week and I have a kindness challenge for you. Every single day, do one act of kindness without expecting anything in return. It doesn't have to be a large gesture, just from the heart.

Do you see someone in need of assistance in the grocery store? Give them a helping hand.

Does a co-worker look sad or depressed? Ask if they're okay and offer a few kind words.

Befriend a new kid in school, a new neighbor, a new member of your church/place of worship.

Smile lots.

Kindness is something that comes natural to humans; it's part of our DNA as social animals. We crave interaction with each other. Take this to the next level by spreading kindness to everyone you see.

I do this whenever I go out. People I pass on the street, even if I don't know them, I smile and wish them a good morning/afternoon. I smile at the cashier in the stores I visit. I even say good morning and smile at the cleaner for our building.

It may not seen like a big deal but it makes me feel good as well as the person receiving the kindness. They may not acknowledge it at the time but unless they're Scrooge, a kind word and smile will make them feel something positive.

Who's going to accept my challenge?


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