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Feeling Frazzled? Take a Deep Breath and Indulge in a Bath! #stress #motivation #MondayBlogs

Feeling frazzled and resembling a chicken with its head cut off?

Take a deep breath. In. Out. In. Out. Then take thirty minutes and soak in a bath.

I woke up this morning feeling a little sleepy. Right before my husband went off for work, I couldn't find my mobile. Panic seized me and I scrambled around trying to find it. MR N even called the phone and we could hear it ringing but couldn't find it. Finally, we found it.

Frazzled. This one word describes me this morning. My nerves are skittish, my breathing ragged and my eyes are darting back and forth.

When I feel stressed, taking a bath is one of the sure-fire ways to relax. There's something soothing about water surrounding me, kneading my tired muscles and evening out my breathing. I usually add some kind of lavender bubble bath for its calming properties. As I breathe in and out, the lavender scent sends messages to my mind to calm down and shut off. I center myself and the problem which seemed so overwhelming a little while ago shrink to a manageable issue.

I highly recommend taking a bath today, especially if your stress level is shooting off the charts.

Disclaimer: The image above is the intellectual property of Pinwords and it belongs to them exclusively. I am just borrowing it as part of the fair use copyright law.


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