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Book Heaven Presents Romeo Vs. Juliet by Lara MacGregor #timetravel #romance #bookboost @lovebooksmu

Title: Romeo Vs. Juliet (Descendants of Time Book 1)

Author: Lara MacGregor

Genre: Time Travel Romance

Book Blurb:

Time travel agent, Ambrose Radcliffe, works for Queen Elizabeth the First. In his off time, when he was not fighting battles on different historical battlefields, he searched across the centuries for his beloved Josephine, from ancient Greece and Cleopatra’s court to 1950s America and many other eras. He has finally found her. He takes his great love from twenty-first century America back to Elizabethan England. All is well until a rich and powerful woman who wants him changes the timeline and covers her tracks well. Josephine loses Ambrose. New time travel agent, Josephine Hastings Radcliffe, is determined to set things right, with the help of the bad-tempered time travel boss, but things do not look promising. Later, Ambrose's time-traveling activities are so troubling that Josephine is forced to stand up to him. She must chase him through the eras to stop his plan from coming to fruition. The problem is, every time they meet up, they fall into each other’s arms, unable to deny the feelings they have for each other. Still, she has her own mission and must complete it or die trying. Josephine is called to be a hero and discovers her darker side.


“Don’t go.” I gripped the sleeve of his 16th century doublet.

His fingers fell upon my cheek in a caress, lowering to capture a strand of hair from the waves cascading down my back. He stretched it out lingeringly. I shivered.

“Josephine, my Juliet. I love thee, most well…” His voice trailed off. He encircled my waist and put his forehead to mine. “But do this I must.”

Love filled my world, displayed in his possessive grip. He pulled back. My throat thick with tears, I looked into brown eyes holding knowledge centuries beyond their nineteen years. Such exquisite good looks.

He stepped back, sighing. My tear-blurred gaze slid down to the gun at his side.

“Stop messing with history!” I slammed my fists against my thighs.

His face contorted with the grief of deep regret. “Stayest thee from my path.” He spun and strode toward the gray wall of the arched tunnel and disappeared behind it as it gave way.

“Ah!” I swiped tears from my cheeks and stalked toward the temporal wall.

My Romeo, the love of my life, had searched centuries to find me. Now, I must become a warrior in order to face him.

With a lifted chin, I crossed through the malleable time wall. After concentrating on the time and place, I stepped onto a sidewalk and gasped—this never got old—looking around at people dressed the way my parents did as teenagers. Women wore mini dresses. Some had hairstyles with that “flipped” look at the ends. Others had long, straight hair. Mainstream and hippies. Men looked classic in their slimming suits or free-spirited in flared jeans and long hair. A breeze curled past me, and something dusted over my foot. I bent and picked up a page from a newspaper, squinting at the date: December 1, 1967.

“I’m here.” Now, time to go find the person who will give me the tools to stop my husband.

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Winner will be drawn January 3, 2019.

Author Biography:

Lara MacGregor lives in Colorado. She has written flash fiction to full-length novels, mostly historical, but other genres as well such as paranormal, especially time travel stories. She has a B.A. degree in Modern Languages with a minor in music and an M.A. degree in history. She plays guitar and piano and loves reading as many books as time will allow.

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