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"Intoxicating!" Sleeping Dragon Stirs (Outside the Veil, #2) by @TJShawAuthor #PNR #parano

Title: Sleeping Dragon Stirs (Outside the Veil, #2)

Author: T. J. Shaw

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Book Blurb:

Part two in the exciting epic fantasy romance serial trilogy, Rogue Dragon Rising.

As the day of her awakening nears, Amari Hawke struggles to control the beast inside her. Basking in the energy of the approaching Trinity moon, her animal’s strength has increased to the point it can control Amari’s mind and body. Fearing she is about to slip into madness, Amari is forced into a tough choice.

In a desperate attempt to save Amari and her beast, Jaxon Blackthorn encourages his cadre, the men in his trusted circle, to establish mental links with her, but when his plans fail and Amari’s animal exerts control, he must fight for the beautiful woman who is lost to her beast.

Together, can Amari and Jaxon’s developing bond for each other overcome the urges driving Amari’s animal as they also thwart an unseen enemy vying to keep them apart?

Please note: Both Rogue Dragon Rising and the subsequent novel, Sleeping Dragon Stirs, end in cliffhangers. The third book in the serial trilogy, Alpha Dragon Awakes, provides a satisfying conclusion to Jaxon and Amari’s story, but broader story arcs continue into the Outside the Veil series. Alpha Dragon Awakes also contains sensual dream sequences with reverse harem inferences.

My Review:

Amari struggles to maintain her sanity as her awakening draws near. Her memory has still not returned and she starts to doubt her self-worth. Her animal within is clawing to get out but since her parents never showed her how to connect with her animal, she’s feeling hopeless. The pain is unbearable. Jaxon’s connection to her is a lifeline and she clings to it.

Jaxon’s done denying his attraction for Amari, not that his dragon will let him forget it. Together, they enter Amari’s dreams and explore their need for her. Jaxon confides in his cadre Amari’s struggle and they vow to protect her, no matter who comes up against them. When there’s an attack on Jaxon’s property, Jaxon discovers Amari covered in blood. Did she do this horrific crime and if so, what is Jaxon willing to sacrifice to keep Amari safe? Her beast stirs and is begging for release. Will Jaxon’s love save her from the brink of madness or has he lost her to her beast forever?

Sleeping Dragon Stirs is part two in the Outside the Veil series and my first reaction after reading it is, WOW! It picks up exactly where part one left off and we delve into Jaxon and his cadre. We get some much-needed background on Amari’s father and how it relates to Jaxon and his father. But more than that, we get to fall in love as Amari explores her feelings for Jaxon. The shared dream scenes were intoxicating, rich in detail while showing the softer side of Jaxon.

There’s a lot going on in this book and with that being said, I read it in two sittings. I couldn’t put it down. I had to keep reading, to find what happened next. Plenty of action and romance, this is a fast-moving paranormal romance even non-romance readers would enjoy.

If you’re looking for an intense shifter romance with dramatic scenes where the stakes couldn’t be higher, pick up Sleeping Dragons Stirs today. I can’t wait to read the next part in this alluring paranormal romance series!

Favorite Character/Quote: “You will never get lost in the shadows, est draco, because your flame will only burn brighter in the darkness.”

My Rating: 5+ stars

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Author Biography:

As a child, TJ Shaw thrived in the Arizona desert. By the age of five, she was riding horses through cotton fields, and by eleven, bought her first motorcycle, a 125cc Honda dirt bike. Growing up with teachers as parents meant traveling during the summer. Hiking down to Phantom Ranch in the Grand Canyon; fly fishing in icy rivers surrounded by breathtaking mountains; backpacking through national parks; surviving an earthquake in Mexico City; climbing the El Castillo, a pyramid in the ruins of Chichen Itza; sidestepping giant iguanas in the ancient Mayan port of Tulum; to exploring the Sagrada Familia, a Gaudi church in Barcelona, Spain were just some of her adventures. An avid daydreamer, she would lose herself in mystical worlds and far off places limited only by her imagination.

Always athletic (400m state track champion, snow and water skier, boxer, swimmer), TJ garnered a scholarship offer to play college basketball, but chose an academic scholarship to Arizona State University instead. To put herself through undergrad and law school, she lifeguarded and coached swimmers before promoting into management for a multi-million dollar recreation facility. She worked as a researcher/bailiff for a criminal judge while studying to the bar exam, and ultimately accepted a position as a Deputy County Attorney, prosecuting felony crimes, until she decided to patrol the streets as a police officer. Currently, she tells officers what to do as the policy and procedure writer for a police department.

A writer at heart, she didn’t attempt to get published until Caller of Light. After placing (and winning) in several Romance Writer’s Association chapter contests, she accepted a contract to place her work with the Wild Rose Press. Since then she has branched out and also publishes with other houses. If there were additional hours in the day, TJ would tickle the ivories a little more, writer about her dreams, and travel the world.

To find out more about TJ, visit her at or email her at

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Reviewed by: Mrs. N

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