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Instead of calling today #BlueMonday, focus on the journey you're on! #MondayBlogs #inspiration

I woke up this morning to -35 degrees. The weekend was one of frigid temperatures, snow and windy conditions. Instead of focusing on the cold and feeling miserable, I snuggled up under blankets and enjoyed the weekend with MR N.

Today is being called Blue Monday. It's a day when the weather, holiday bills and failed resolutions bring people down. While I understand the feeling, giving it power by focusing on it only makes the feeling stronger. Instead, try this:

When you're feeling low, switch your focus to the journey you're on.

You're in the hot air balloon in the graphic above and believe me, you're going places. You might be in the valley right now but the best thing about the valley is that you're climbing your way to bigger heights.

Every day is an opportunity to make new resolutions, come up with a budget and tackle the cold weather. You can do it!

As for me, I'm staying warm by drinking hot lemon ginger tea, wearing three layers and thinking warm thoughts.


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