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Celebrate romance with When the Marquess Returns by @alannalucas27 #historicalromance #Regency #give

Title: When the Marquess Returns

Author: Alanna Lucas

Genre: Historical Romance- Regency

Book Blurb:

A Marquess in Waiting and the Cursed Heiress…

The ton is abuzz and mamas are lining up their daughters; identical twins Maximus and Lucius St. Albans are making their entry into society. But they’re not just eligible―they’re the missing grandsons of the Duke of Warrington, stolen as infants.

However, Maximus doesn’t relish the battle with his cocky, reprobate brother to be the next Marquess. And he has no time for the simpering misses now vying for his attention. Only Miss Sabina Teverton has his interest.

She was resigned to life as a spinster but from the moment Sabina meets Lord Maximus, her heart is torn. She dreams of a match with him―but how can that be when she’s been branded as cursed…and she knows secrets of that night long ago when Maximus and his twin were snatched from their cradles?


Maximus stared at her in wonder. “You speak Italian?”

“Sì. Much to my mother’s dismay and Warrington’s delight, I studied everything I could. I don’t believe there is a book in our library, or yours for that matter, that I have not read.” It was how she passed the many lonely hours after her disastrous first season.

“Grandfather St. Albans had a passion for reading and a fondness for storytelling.” Maximus gazed off into the distance as if recalling a memory. “When Lucius and I were young children, we would sit on Grandfather’s lap while Larentia told us stories about legends and myths.”

“Which is your favorite?” Sabina was enjoying the conversation, enjoying his company. She knew nothing of a romantic nature could ever happen, but she hoped they could at least be friends.

“The story of Romulus and Remus.”

“Ah yes, the founders of Rome.” That had been one of Sabina’s favorites, too. It had sounded so romantic to a young girl’s ears.

“You know the story?”

“Of course. Warrington has a passion for antiquities. When I was little, he would tell me all sorts of tales. I often wondered if he believed that, just like Romulus and Remus, you too would be returned home.”

“I guess there are some similarities, except I don’t have an evil uncle who tried to murder us, and I have no intention of disposing of my brother to secure the title.”

“I suppose the legend is quite grim.”

Maximus’s velvety laughter rolled across her heart. “I suppose.”

Soft chords from the orchestra drifted through the air, disrupting the moment. “It sounds as if the music is about to begin. I should—”

“Then may I have this dance, Miss Teverton?” Maximus bowed and extended his hand.

“I am a spinster, Lord Maximus. Men do not ask me to dance.”

First Larentia, now Miss Teverton. What was it with women who declared themselves spinsters and refused to dance?

“I am a man and I have asked you to dance. Does that make me some sort of mythical creature? A griffon perhaps, or would you prefer something more exotic, such as a uni-wolf?”

Laughter escaped her lips, disrupting couples nearby, but Maximus didn’t care. Miss Teverton was smiling. He’d make up eccentric mythical creatures every day to see the laughter and happiness in her eyes, the bright smile across her lips, and the adorable dimples kissing her cheeks.

“A uni-wolf?” she giggled.

“Yes, part unicorn, part wolf. It’s a rare, intelligent, yet compassionate creature.”

“I think you’re a rare creature.” The words escaped her lips a mere whisper and something electric charged between them. She blinked several times as she cleared her throat, her calm composure in place. “I believe one of the Darnell sisters would suit better.” As she started to turn, he reached for her hand, attracting too much attention from those standing near, but he didn’t care. He was not going to let Miss Teverton walk away from him. The ton would most likely attribute his lack of decorum to growing up in the country. Let the gossips think what they want, it would not keep him from dancing with her.

He gently kept hold of her gloved hand. “I don’t want to dance with them. I want to dance with you.”

She stared into his eyes. Her mouth formed a delicate “o” as she simply nodded her acquiescence.

The room hushed to a gentle hum as the music grew louder. It might be Maximus’s imagination, but it seemed as if all eyes were centered on them. They completed the steps without faltering, circling this way, sashaying that way, and though no words were spoken, their bodies, their souls, spoke volumes to one another. Miss Teverton was indeed a rare creature—compassionate, well-read, could speak Italian, was enticingly beautiful, and unlike anyone he’d ever met. And he was desperate to know more.

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Author Biography:

Alanna Lucas grew up in Southern California, but always dreamed of distant lands and bygone eras. From an early age she took interest in art, history, and travel, and enjoys incorporating those diversions into her writing. Alanna makes her home in California where she spends her time writing historical romances, dreaming of her next travel destination, and spending time with family.

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