Instead of holding onto your past mistakes, release their hold on you #inspiration #motivation #AshW

Today is Ash Wednesday, a Christian day of cleansing the soul and embracing Lent. For more information, click here:

Don't worry, I'm not here to convert you or anything. Instead, I want to talk about the symbolism Ash Wednesday represents. Let me give you an example.

When I was in university, I went to a weekly Bible study. When Ash Wednesday rolled around, we did a special service. The leader asked us to write down all of our past mistakes, regrets, sins on a piece of paper and bring it to the service. I wrote down as much as I could think of. It was quite a list.

When the Ash Wednesday service started, we all said a prayer and then the leader spoke. He talked about how what we wrote down on our papers weighed heavily on our souls. He talked about the only way to be free was to allow Christ to cleanse our souls through forgiveness. He then asked each of us to come forward and place our lists in the metal garbage can at his feet and then form a circle. We did.