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  • N. N. Light

My heart is heavy as hate wins another skirmish. . . #FridayFeeling #NewZealandShooting #nofilter

I had a totally different inspirational thought in my mind but all that changed when I checked my email this morning. Another shooting, another hate-filled person murdering more than forty people, this time in New Zealand.

My heart and spirit ache over the loss of so many lives gone, in the blink of an eye. I don't understand what's happened to this world. What makes a person think it's their right to play God and assassinate human beings?

Hate won this round but I have to believe that love will win the war. Hope keeps my mind from spinning off my head. Love is stronger than hate.

I weep for those who lost loved ones in this attack. I'm so sorry no one stopped this madman.

Stop what you're doing and kiss your loved ones. Tell them you love them and are glad they're here with you.

Love one another.


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