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99 cents sale | Prison of Lies by @ccbolick #yalit #scifi #bookish #99cents

Title: Prison of Lies

Author: C.C. Bolick

Genre: YA Mystery/Lite Sci-fi

Book Blurb:

After Secrets Return, Jes Delaney is whisked away to a compound hiding those who plan a revolution. Between learning about Golvern and her real family, Jes unlocks more power than she ever imagined. When she realizes her protection has become a prison and tries to escape, Jes discovers just how far her parents will go to keep her.

As their grip tightens, Jes manages to break free and flees to Credence. Powerless and on the run, she's saved by a group claiming to be the real Lucha Noir. Reunited with Chase and Pade, Jes is shocked to learn their leader is also the man who haunts her dreams. Only remembering what happened twelve years ago could free her, but will Jes learn the truth before she makes a choice she can't take back?


Christian’s voice lowered. “Do you think I’m being hard on you?”

“Kind of.” Something about his question made me feel like a total failure. No wonder Dad always told me not to fight.

His eyes narrowed. “Do you think the government of Golvern will treat you with more respect? They’ve killed us for less.” He held out my sword. “Get up. Finish the fight.”

I pushed myself up from the floor and took the sword. In one motion, he spun and again claimed my sword. Both blades stopped only inches from my neck. His snort closed the distance between us like a blast of wind against my face. “If we were on Golvern, you’d be dead now.”

Twisting, he strung his arm around my neck in a headlock. “Is this what you want?”

The crook of his arm closed around my windpipe. “No… I…”

“Christian!” His father stalked across the floor. “Release her.”

Christian lowered both swords and twisted to look into his father’s eyes. “You promised not to interfere with my lessons. We agreed this is my job.”

“Calm down.”

“I will not calm down.” He threw both swords at the table, each landing side-by-side with barely a clank. “How can I teach them to protect themselves if you interfere?”

I stumbled from his grip and landed on my knees.

Thomas looked over me and at Christian. “I am proud you take this job seriously.”

“Then leave and let me finish it. We’re talking battle. Death. Who will protect her when she can’t protect herself?”

The man eyed me with a knowing reservation. “She is different from us.”

“She’s weak.”

“She has a purpose here.”

Christian glared at me. “Have you studied Tae Kwon Do, Jiu Jitsu, or any other human method of fighting?”


“Have you ever been in a fight?”

I remembered knocking Tosh to the floor, but somehow, he’d robbed me of that satisfaction. “Who hasn’t?”

He crossed his arms. “Can you do anything useful?”

“I can shoot.”

Christian surprised me with a laugh that shook his entire body.

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Author Biography

C.C. Bolick is the author of eight young adult books, including the Leftover Girl Series and The Agency Series. She grew up in a small Alabama town where she learned the best roads were always the muddiest. An engineer by day and author by night, C.C. loves to mix teenage drama with her favorite genres—romance, sci-fi, and paranormal.

She writes complex stories about seemingly normal teens who learn they're anything but normal. C.C. likes her characters with big hearts, room to grow, and the strength to fight for what they believe in.

If you enjoy page-turning drama, family secrets, epic love stories, and a special power or two, her books might be for you.

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