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Inspirational Thought | Stand tall and let the fires of life make you stronger #inspirational #inspi

This is MRS N and I wrote this very emotional post last month when the Notre Dame Cathedral caught fire. I wanted to share it with you today.

Yesterday afternoon (April 16, 2019), I first heard the news about the Notre Dame Cathedral burning. I ran to Twitter to see what was going on. I sat in front of my laptop stunned watching the flames burn over nine hundred years of history.

My body was numb as memories flashed in front of my eyes. The stained glass, the feel of the wood and stone, the whispers of parishioners centuries old, the feeling of awe as I sat inside lighting a candle for my soul.

It all came crashing down on me as tears flowed down my face. My spirit cried out in anguish as I watched a beloved historical monument go up in flames. The rest of the evening, I was emotional and gutted. MR N held me as I cried.

See, I visited Notre Dame Cathedral back in 1992. I was a lost soul, looking for direction and I prayed for answers.

What was my life going to be like? Would I get to experience my dreams?

I was in my early twenties and all I knew was a feeling of uncertainty. Sitting inside Notre Dame gave me the strength through faith to make each day count, to proactively go after my dreams and to never settle.

With the stupidity of one person, that symbol of faith burned. I went to sleep last night and dreamt of Notre Dame. I woke up this morning (April 17, 2019) to news of rebuilding. My hope has been restored.

Even through such destruction, there is a sliver of hope. She won't be the same as before but Notre Dame Cathedral will be standing tall once again. I feel so blessed to have the memories of my time inside her hallowed aisles and alcoves.

What can we take away from this?

Like this cathedral, we're hit with obstacles and senseless destruction. The fires of life blindside us and we can't see through the smoke. Have faith, hold onto hope and know that you will be standing tall, stronger than you were before. It won't be easy and you'll want to give up. If Notre Dame Cathedral can withstand the fires, so can you.

Have you seen the Notre Dame Cathedral in person? Share your stories here.

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