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Inspirational Thought | Stare down your fear and say I don't care #inspiration #motivation #fear

"Have you ever looked fear in the face and say I just don't care?" - P!nk

Instead of being afraid, why not turn the table on fear and shrug it off?

A few days ago I was in an author's chat room. The topic was social media and one author admitted she doesn't do social media because of her fear. When asked to elaborate, she said it scared the crap out of her. All of it. She was afraid of saying the wrong thing, messing up and having no safe haven to escape to.

Sound familiar?

We all have fears, something that keeps us frozen in place. We can't move and just pray it goes away before anyone else sees us behaving in a fearful way.

I used to be afraid of sharing my thoughts and feelings. I believed I was a second-class citizen and I didn't matter. No matter how many affirmations I uttered, I allowed my fear to overrun my life. It wasn't until I started a blog in 2011 that things began to change. People responded to my thoughts in a positive way. My confidence grew and my fear diminished.

I faced my fear and spoke clearly. "You don't have a foothold and I don't care about you anymore. Leave me."

What about you? Are you ready to face your fear?

Trust me, it's not as scary as you think. Once you take the power back and confront your fear, you'll see what I mean. Turn the tables on fear and see how strong you really are.


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