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Inspirational Thought | Surround yourself with people who motivate you and just make you feel good a

In your day, surround yourself with people who love you, motivate you, encourage you and just make you feel good about being... you!

Do you surround yourself with the right people? I'm not talking about people with money, power and/or influence. Are you surrounding yourself with people who inspire and encourage you to be who you are?

I used to think that I needed to be friends with people who could help me achieve my goals. I also surrounded myself with people I knew were bad for me but they had been my friends forever. Both these groups of friends were damaging to my self-esteem and my identity.

My thinking changed when I was put into a dangerous situation. Suddenly, life took on a whole new perspective and the people I thought were my friends scattered like dandelion fluff in the wind. I was alone. I looked deep inside and made the decision to change who my friends were.

Once I surrounded myself with friends who loved me for me, I began to grow and my self-esteem increased. These friends were there for me and motivated me to chase after my dreams including writing my first novel. They inspired me to launch N. N. Light's Book Heaven and they continue to encourage me to reach for the stars.

How about you? Are your friends motivating, inspiring and encouraging you to be the very best you can be? If not, maybe you need to surround yourself with people who do.


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