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Inspirational Thought | Instead of following the herd, lead it! #inspiration #motivation #entreprene

Are you a follower or a leader?

As an entrepreneur, I am in constant need of new ideas to stay ahead of my competition. I do my best brainstorming when relaxing on the weekend.

This past weekend, while watching the golf and cooking up a delicious pasta sauce with MR N, I started thinking about June and possible promotional ideas. MR N came up with a great idea and it's kicking off this Saturday.

Some of our ideas are flops while others are huge successes. It's disappointing when an idea doesn't fly but that's usually when an idea is one we've seen from other sites and followed their lead. Our biggest success happens when we lead the herd.

Do you have a great idea yet no one else has done it before? Don't be a follower and let someone else lead. You lead the way and see what happens.

Instead of following the herd, lead it.


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