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Book Review | Elon: Journey to Truth by @izzybellaadams and @fosterembry_pub #fantasy #yalit #yafant

Title: Elon: Journey to Truth

Author: Isabella Adams

Genre: Fantasy, Young Adult

Book Blurb:

Only by embracing her diversity will Elon find her true strength. Pulled from her slumber by an empathic species hidden deep in the mountains, Elon realizes change looms on the horizon. Within days, a savage race of vamphyres emerges, bringing devastation to the inhabitants of the settlement she calls home. As Elon tries to stem the bloodshed, the purpose of her midnight visitation becomes clear. Thrust into an unknown destiny, facing growing powers even she does not understand, Elon follows the unbidden path set before her. When a magic basin leads her to a hidden city of dwarves, she learns she must rely on the strength of her diverse heritage in order to defeat the rising evil engulfing her once peaceful home. Will she succeed in uniting the planet’s warring species in time or will she sacrifice part of herself in order to preserve her world?

My Review:

If you are a reader looking for an incredible fantasy that you will fall in love with right away, you have come to the right place. This book is instantly engaging for the reader. I was taken immediately with Elon and all that she is. Her friendship with Qid is so wonderfully presented, the reader can't help but hold both characters close to their heart.

Personally, I love how the author was able to create a heroine who has the amazing abilities of Elon. Being almost virtually indestructible, Elon is a hero every planet needs. No one can defeat her, and nothing can stop her.

The story of the Sidra is compelling. The journey that Elon and Qid take is inspiring and mesmerizing.

That this is but book one of at least a 2-part story has left this reader desperate to get their hands on book 2. I personally cannot wait for Elon to get her weapons on that selfish vamp and turn her into vamp pieces that can then burn in the sun.

A fantasy that is worthy of a place in the pantheon of great fantasy stories of the past. Yes, I would put this book in the realm of Tolkien or Martin. A must read for fans of Lord of The Rings or Game of Thrones. An incredible first piece of fantasy work for an author. The second part can't get into my hands soon enough.

My Rating: 5+ stars

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Author Biography:

Isabella Adams was born in New York in the 1970's. She has lived all over the world, and currently lives and works on the Gulf Coast of Florida. Isabella, or Izzy, as she is known to some, enjoys her three children (unless they are intent on rupturing everyone's ear drums in a mile radius), the beach, her husband, and her dog, Isaac. And naps. Izzy loves a good nap. Favorite Author: Ursula K. Le Guin, close second is FF Amanti

Favorite food: Baklava

Favorite beverage: water Isabella draws her inspiration from the world around her. The ever evolving, ever surprising, and never boring, rock in space upon which we all sail along. Afharisto, para poli! (Thank you, very much!)

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Reviewed by: Mr. N

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