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Book Heaven Wednesday presents Rescued by a Mountain Man by @MarinBlack7 #eroticromance #bookboost #

Title: Rescued by a Mountain Man

Author: Marin Black

Genre: Erotic Romance

Publisher: The Wild Rose Press

Book Blurb:

Desperate for an escape, Jae Copeland takes a solo kayaking trip into the lush wilderness of the Smoky Mountains. When she ends up stranded and soggy, she makes camp and hopes to avoid dangerous, wild animals. She should have been more worried about dangerous, wild humans, but she's both alarmed and thrilled when Hanson Sykes, a fellow kayaker, happens upon her. He's an experienced mountain man…and sexy as hell.

The sparks between them light up the uninhabited darkness, because survival in the mountains isn't his only talent. He knows exactly how to touch her in ways that make her burn.


“You look like a mountain nymph who took a dip in the stream with that blonde hair all wild and your”—he swallowed—“clothes all plastered to your skin. Stunning.”

He caressed my hair, running his hand through the strands just over my ear.

My breath caught again, my heart picking up speed. I didn’t feel stunning—stunningly stupid maybe—standing half-naked and wet in his jacket, my hair drying into a long, frizzy mangle. I let out a nervous laugh. “What could possibly be stunning?”

“Your lips. You have luscious lips. They’re pouty, almost swollen, like you’ve been kissed.” He ran one finger lightly over my bottom lip, a touch so feathery it tickled. “I want to kiss you, Jae. I know that’s crazy.”

My lips parted, and a half-sigh came out. I wrapped my fingers around his wrist, felt the tendons in his arm strung tight. I deserved one kiss, didn’t I? After surviving my near-drowning, I deserved a man as delicious looking as him kissing me senseless in the starlight. “Kiss me, Hanson.”

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I’m one of the authors participating in the Beach Blanket Book Giveaway and you can win an e-copy of Rescued by a Mountain Man by Marin Black.

Runs June 1 - 30 and is open internationally.

Winner will be drawn July 2, 2019.

Author Biography:

Marin has the mountains in her blood, heart, and soul. Her favorite romances would include an untamed setting (maybe an Irish ruin), a historical love affair (especially if there’s a ghost), or just a bad boy with a good heart.

She loves to spend time with her son, hike, travel to wild and remote places, read, and camp in insanely crowded campgrounds—so she can burn all the food, keep the neighbors up all night with her campfire, and dream about what her characters will do next. And even though she writes “smut,” she still loves Jesus. At home, she loves to create new characters and their worlds, and is a freelance editor too. See where she’s going next at

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